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by Nalda Parker 4 years ago in family travel
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Camper's Answer to Airbnb

It had never occurred to me that one can rent a trailer or RV just like one rents a room in someone's home. It wasn't until I starting writing on UpWork that I realized that people can rent trailers and RV's for trips. This is a clever idea for both the owner and renter. I owned a popup trailer with my husband when the kids were little. The trailer spent most of it's time in the garage. If we were lucky, we took the kids camping a few weekends out of the year.

The little trailer cost us around $10,000 in the early 2000s. There was no way we got any where near the value out of the thing at the rate we used it. Eventually, I sold it to a single mother who was looking to take her children camping. For me ownership wasn't worth the cost. However, it is wonderful to have the option of going to wonderful out of the way places in nature without actually having to really rough it.

Anyone who is getting up in years or is traveling with small children will appreciate the fact that you can rent an RV or travel trailer. You can go to any of the beautiful state parks around the nation, or attend any of the numerous festivals without having to sleep on the ground. This gives everyone the option of camping without having to buy, maintain and store a RV or trailer of their own.

Of course, the other side to this is that people who have put resources into owning these RV's and trailers can recoup some of the costs on the weekends that their campers would be sitting idle collecting dust. The rental cost of these RV's and travel trailers aren't cheap. I was actually surprised to find that I would be paying about as much for a travel trailer as I would for a hotel room (sometimes more). However, if you really want to go out and get into nature, this is an interesting option.

If You Choose to Rent: Where to Go

If you have decided that you really want to try camping without the cost of owning an RV or sleeping in a tent, the world is your proverbial oyster. In the United States we have over 8,000 state parks with over 52,000 miles of trails. In my state of North Carolina, most camping within the state parks costs between $17 and $22 a day. These parks often offer swimming and marinas as well as the opportunity to learn about the local culture, history and native animals and flora and fauna.

You can take to the road and see parts of your state, or the country, that you might not otherwise ever see. You can immerse yourself in a different culture or learn about a period in history. Or you might choose to tuck away somewhere in nature and refresh far away from the bustle of your daily life. Whatever your heart desires, RV rental may help you fulfill your travel needs.


Here's a state park you may want to check out: Deep Creek Lake State Park Swanton, MD

Deep Creek Lake State Park is a stunning space on the east side of Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County Maryland. The park is spread over 1818+ acres of wooded mountainous terrain. Deep Creek Lake State Park is a deeply relaxing space surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and lakes of Western Maryland. The options for outdoor recreation are boundless. Deep Creek Lake State Park provides space for fishing, boating, hunting, and swimming. The lake supports a sandy beach area for swimming as well as a 24 hour public boat launch (weather permitting).

Deep Creek Lake State Park is located to the West of the Alleghany Front and adjoins a 3900 man-made lake as well as Sang Run State Park and Youghiogheny Scenic and Wild River. The Deep Creek Lake State Park offers many recreational options. It provides for general hunting on 551 acre designated hunting area, both shore and dock fishing (with trout, bass, walleye, yellow perch, and Northern pike.) There is also a 6000 square foot discovery center for educational engagement and rainy days. The discovery center provides an aviary, indoor and outdoor classrooms, and indoor animal displays.

Within the Sang Run State Park, there is the historic friends Store. This store originated with a homestead from the early 1800’s. During the summer there are nature programs here with hay rides, guided bird watching hikes, and old-timey cooking demonstrations. The Youghiogheny Scenic and Wild River is part of the Mississippi watershed and offers white water rafting. This area also provides an additional option for general hunting with 1200 acres of designated hunting area.


Deep Creek Lake State Park is easy to access by RV or car, as it is easily reached via route 219 from Pittsburg, Washington, and Baltimore. The park is 18 miles south of interstate 68. The park is reached via a state road and there are maintained roads running throughout the park.

The park is easily traversed by car and provides trails for hiking as well as mountain biking. There are also snowmobile trails for winter use.

The park provides a 24-hour boat launch when weather permits.

There are several options for parking RVs and trailers You’ll be able to find spots at the discovery center, the historic friends store, and at the trailhead for the Beakman Trail. There are spaces on State Park Road and Fire Tower Road. Of course, you can also park at the campground if you are staying overnight.


Hiking and Biking:

When visiting Deep Creek Lake State Park, you will definitely want to remember to bring your hiking boots and/or your mountain bike. The park maintains trails appropriate for both hiking and biking. Although the mountainous terrain is a bit hilly the beauty of the trails make the adventure well worth the trouble. The trails are well marked and the waterfalls are spectacular.


Deep Creek Lake State Park maintains a sandy beach for swimming and play. The park provides two guarded swimming areas, a beach shower house with changing station, picnic areas with grills. There are four covered picnic areas if you need a break from the sun or a passing rain shower during your visit. There are three playgrounds for the kids as well as boating including canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards are welcome.


At Deep Creek Lake State Park you can relax and fish from either the shore or peers designated for this purpose. The 3,900 acre man-made lake offers fishing of many species. The most popular fish in the Deep Creek Lake State Park are trout, bass, walleye, yellow perch, and Northern pike.

Discovery Center

Deep Creek Lake State Park provides educational opportunities at its Discovery Center. This 6000 square foot space offers indoor animal displays and both indoor and outdoor classrooms. The center provides hand-on experiences related to the history and culture of the area as well as local flora and fauna and wildlife. Local naturalists, rangers, and volunteers act as resources for learning about tree identification, wildflower identification, and as guides on bird watching hikes.

Historic Friends Store

Within the Sang Run State Park, which is adjacent to Deep Creek Lake State Park, there is the Historic Friends Store. This store originated with a homestead from the early 1800s. The store offers penny candy, local made jams and jellies, as well as a variety of souvenirs. The store offers crafts for kids and during the summer there are nature programs here with hay rides, guided bird watching hikes, and old-timey cooking demonstrations.


Deep Creek Lake State Park provides space for general hunting in a 551 acre designated hunting area. There is also a general 1200 acre designate hunting area provided on the adjoining Mississippi Watershed. No firearm hunting is allowed until after October 15 and must be done with all necessary licenses. Spring turkey hunting is allowed during listed seasons. Hunters must be aware of joint use of some of the space by hikers and mountain bikers. No hunting is permitted on Sundays.

RV Camping—Deep Creek Lake State Park

Deep Creek Lake State Park allows for both camping and day use. Facilities include two beaches for swimming, a 24 hour boat launch, and a discovery center. There are 112 campsites, six campsites have electricity. Campers are allowed to use generators throughout the day. However, generators are not allowed during quiet hours. Each camping site has a picnic table, fire ring, lantern post, and a wild life resistant food storage box.

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