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Particularly for New Orleans' Children

Things to do for children in New Orleans

By lucywhitePublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Popular festivals in the Big Easy, like Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras, provide kids with traditional and nontraditional things to enjoy. With its distinctive features, New Orleans is still a fantastic family vacation spot even with all the partying and flooding. Kids will love Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras, while able adults can take advantage of organized tours. Book DTW flights to New Orleans and explore Long walking tours of historic residences and sites, which might be better left to adults.

Kids 8 years old and older love the French Quarter because it provides a nice morning stroll through the neighborhood while highlighting its stores and architectural features. In addition, visitors can stop at Café du Monde for some beignets. Children who appreciate museums should check out the Hurricane display at the Cabildo or the Mardi Gras exhibit at the Presbytère. Every age group enjoys visiting the Quarter because of the variety of transportation alternatives it offers, including streetcar, horse-and-buggy, and canal street ferry journeys. Reading Huckleberry Finn is best started aboard the Canal Street Ferry, which spans the Mississippi River.

Top attractions in the city are appropriate for families, such as the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, while the Insectarium is best left to the squeamish.

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Visitors may find plenty of entertainment in City Park in New Orleans, with the Train Garden being one of the park's most well-liked features. For those who cannot swim, the Audubon Zoo is a great place to visit, especially with its seasonal splash park. Swamp trips and faster airboats are available for more animal action. A must-see site is the Train Garden, especially in December during the annual Celebration in the Oaks, when thousands of holiday lights turn the surrounding area into a scene out of a fairy tale.

These are some additional great things the city has to offer families and children.

Famous children's stories and rhymes can be found on the quaint playground of City Park's Amusement Park. Throughout the park, there are rides including bumper cars, Ferris wheels, Tilt-a-Whirls, and roller coasters styled like ladybirds at the Carousel Gardens. There are lots of characters to climb and slide down, making the under-8 crowd happy with the colorful décor. Families in the area have enjoyed the carousel since 1906.

Kids can explore the shoreline for turtles while taking a boat trip on Big Lake in City Park, which is a lovely location. Wheel Fun rents out tandems, surreys, bicycles, and pedal boats. Visiting Angelo Brocato's ice cream parlor is a great idea because pedaling may be a workout. There are life jackets available. Look for deals on the website.

Both of the 18-hole courses of City Putt Miniature Golf are themed around statewide themes, allowing players to learn while having fun. One course is based on a New Orleans neighborhood and features prominent sculptures and signage.

Kids may have a unique experience in New Orleans with the French Quarter Kids Tour, which is conducted by a fantastic kid-wrangler. The tour, which was created especially for children, conveys history and life in the past through grisly details, narrative, and costumes. Ages 4–7 and 7–13 can enjoy the tour, with an emphasis on "most." Play-acting, storytelling, and props are used by the tour to keep the children interested. There are other tours with seasonal themes offered.

Hands-on displays that examine literacy, health, science, the arts, and the environment are available at the Louisiana Children's Museum, which is situated in City Park. Featuring outdoor exhibitions like an edible garden and a mock grocery shop, the museum relocated to a new location in the summer of 2019. 15-year-olds and under require an adult's presence.

Inspire the Children

It's hard for parents to indoctrinate their children into jazz, brass bands, or zydeco on Royal Street, a musical town beset by a lamentable dearth of kid-friendly music options. Though there are other intriguing possibilities, there are street entertainers along Jackson Square and Royal Street that offer some amusement.

Kids can enjoy early shows at Frenchmen Street Clubs like Maison and Three Muses, which start at 4 or 5 p.m. Children can enjoy snacks and tiny groove thangs, but parents must be present. But at around nine or ten o'clock at night, when tables fall apart and the drinking public takes over, they might be asked to leave. Get a flight from Detroit to New Orleans to begin organizing your trip and making treasured experiences.


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