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Overcoming the Fear of Moving

Advice on Changing Locations

By Cynthia ClinePublished 6 years ago 4 min read
Rocky Mountains in February 

Whether you are moving out of your parents for the first time, within the state, or out of state this is a major change and it is very intimidating. If someone would have told me in the past that today I would be writing an informational/advice article on moving I and my whole family would have laughed in your face. Why so funny? When I was younger we moved about four times and every single time I built so much anxiety and resistance to change I would express it through vomiting. It was emotionally awful for me but disgusting for my poor mom that had endure my strange physical reaction to moving. Now that I am older in the last two years I have moved three times, two times within the state of Florida and one time out of state to North Carolina. By the way, in the last two years no vomiting meaning if you are like how I was there is hope for you!

Here is a little background on my recent moves which I think validates my advice on this topic. I grew up in Miami, Florida and was pretty settled at 20 years old living at home with my mom, going college, and working so there was no plan on moving anytime soon. I started dating Franco my boyfriend now of three years he lived in Alaska and Colorado, he could live anywhere and was not happy to be back in chaotic Miami after going through the Army. He needed a roommate so I moved out of my mom's house which was a huge triumph for me I learned very quickly what it takes to keep up with household tasks and to pay dreadful bills. We then got a job opportunity through a growing company to get raises, and a title boost if we moved to Gainesville, Florida months after I just moved out of my mom's house, a great job offer but I have to move five hours away from comfort... terrifying. We took it! After a year building up a new branch for this company we got another offer with another raise and an even better title boost but we had to move out of state to a town I never heard of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We took the risk again! Throughout these moves I learned a lot about what it takes, what to prepare for, and just the overall experience of moving.

From a huge multi-cultural city, to college town, then a small town in the country; all locations very opposite places with astronomically different people, prices, and things to do. What I realized it is just that which is different but you will have the common things every where you go chain restaurants, grocery stores, jobs, and yourself. What made it easier for me to make these big moves was to make where I lived feel like a home as if I was going to be there long term. If you look at it in the perspective that you will be there short term you won't put in the effort to make your home feel comfortable, safe, and somewhere you want to live.

What to Look into Before You Move: Prices & Lifestyle

If you plan on moving here are a couple things to look into before you take action: prices, and lifestyle of the area. If you are looking at living in a city or a state like California everything will be more expensive. Look at jobs and what the average pay is for a position you are looking for can you survive with the pay and change in prices? What I have found is everything is relative there is a higher pay average somewhere expensive and lower pay average somewhere cheap. If you are moving from city to city not much of a change in prices but from a city to a place like North Carolina you will be shocked at how cheap everything is especially rent. In the city you may be in a small apartment for 1,200 but in the country for the same price a three bedroom house! The next thing to consider is lifestyle what can't you live without? What do you want to experience? If you love the beach you might what to stick to the coast or find something similar like some inland states offer springs, and rivers. If you love to party most cities have a downtown but if it is not the nightlife you are looking for it is hard to find a similar replacement. I wanted to experience seasons and country scenery so North Carolina was a great way to fulfill the experience I desired compared to Miami, Florida with summer all year around and only palm trees.

Based on what you want, and how you want to live are the questions you need to ask yourself when determining where you want to settle luckily in the United States and throughout the world there are so many options to find your ideal place. I suggest to move whether it is within the city you live in or outside of it save at least 2000 dollars to cover the rental deposit and any moving expenses. Beside prices and lifestyle you will find the common businesses, restaurants, and jobs wherever you go of course there are local differences in these categories. The local touches are what I find to be the best part of traveling or moving multiple times you will find yourself missing that one restaurant or the things to do in that area; but if you don't experiences these differences how do you decide your ideal long term location!


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