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My dream trip to England

By Brenda FluhartyPublished 6 days ago 3 min read
The Magic of Stonehenge

My dear friends, come closer and brace yourselves for the captivating story of my magical adventure in England. I’ll never forget the journey; it left me in awe and gave me memories that will last a lifetime. From a young age, I’ve always imagined myself journeying to this mythical land. I have dreamed of going to England since, I was seven years old. I finally got my chance to go, at 49 years of age. I was living my childhood dream.

As soon as I stepped off the plane at Heathrow Airport, I was welcomed by the refreshing air of England. A surge of excitement and astonishment overwhelmed me. I explored Bath, a city famous for its Roman Baths, Georgian architecture, and natural hot springs. The intriguing history of the city has always caught my attention. I couldn’t hold back my enthusiasm to begin exploring it.

The first day I had in Bath was a whirlwind, filled with new experiences. I strolled leisurely alongside the enchanting River Avon, admiring the grand Georgian buildings that seemed to possess stories from the past. I leisurely walked down the old streets, fully experiencing the sights and sounds of this captivating city. I couldn’t resist the alluring aroma of freshly baked bread emanating from the nearby bakeries, tempting me to enjoy a couple of warm scones.

While walking, I unexpectedly came across the iconic Royal Crescent. The sight of the Regency-era architecture, with its majestic curve, delighted my eyes as it shimmered in the sunlight. I couldn’t resist the temptation to sit on the steps of Number One Royal Crescent for a moment. Picture me in my mind, joining one of the extravagant parties and society gatherings that used to occur inside its premises.

I dared to visit a place the next day that I’ve always dreamt of. The main drive behind my desire to undertake this incredible journey. The location with the most radiant lights of the Celtic Priestesses. On my way to Stonehenge, my true home and one of England’s most famous landmarks. As I approached the ancient monument, I felt an overwhelming sense of reverence. These enormous stones, with weights of up to 50 tons, seemed to contain undisclosed truths and puzzles exclusively known by them. It was incredible to imagine the rituals and ceremonies that occurred under their watchful eyes. It’s possible, I don’t have a definite answer, but it could be memories from a past life.

After leaving Bath, I journeyed to London and found myself immersed in the lively atmosphere of this bustling city. I was amazed by the majestic beauty of Buckingham Palace. I observed the Changing of the Guard ceremony and visited renowned museums and galleries. The ancient artifacts from various civilizations at the British Museum left me in awe. The modern art installations at the Tate Modern pushed the boundaries of my perceptions.

On a peaceful evening, I wandered along the South Bank of the Thames, observing the city lights coming to life. The atmosphere was vibrant with the sounds of music and laughter. I felt grateful to be in the presence of such welcoming and kind people.

As my trip was coming to an end, I looked back on everything I had encountered in England. From the fascinating past to the lively present, this charming country has completely captivated me. I left with a bittersweet feeling, aware that the memories of my time in this stunning land would always hold a special place in my heart. Dear friends, when you’re in England, don’t forget to wander its streets, appreciate its landmarks, and embrace its one-of-a-kind culture. Prepare to explore a realm filled with beauty, history, and enchantment in this extraordinary land.

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Brenda Fluharty

Brenda Marie Fluharty is a Spiritual Life Coach, dream interpreter, a past-life therapist, energy healer, a freelance writer, blogger, poet, art lover, pet owner, and author. She has studied several Spiritual practices.

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  • Hannah Moore4 days ago

    So interesting to see England through your eyes. We do have quite the architectural history.

  • Jay Kantor6 days ago

    Dear Brenda - Lovely walk-about. My Wife was British and would go back to England just to attend a wedding- She Missed the lifestyle so much. Then back here to L.A. — She’d bring home bags of ‘Scones’ and British Jams. I’ve written about her “Always” —.Yes ‘Aromas’ waft there in very distinctive ways..! Jk.in.l.a.

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