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Mt. Evans, CO & The Highest Paved Road in North America - Photo Gallery

On Top of Mount Evans, CO - The highest paved road in the United States

Mt. Evans, CO & The Highest Paved Road in North America - Photo Gallery
Mountain Goat on Mt. Evans, Colorado (Photo by Chance Buell)

Beauty on Mount Evans, CO

Summit Lake Mount Evans Photo By: Chance Buell

At 14,260 feet above sea level, The Mt. Evan's Scenic Byway in Colorado remains the highest paved road in North America with views and delights around each bend

Driving to Mount Evan's Scenic Byway, you'll exit from I-70 at the Idaho Springs, CO exit at an elevation of 8,700. From there, head up the winding tree lined roads to the base entrance at Echo Lake. Here's a great place to eat some food, take pictures around the lake, or shop for some unique Colorado artifacts.

Worth the Trip!

A minimal entrance fee at the park ranger station is suggested to help maintain the beauty and maintenance of the road and park. A steep, 14 mile elevation gain meanders it's way up where you'll notice a particular species of trees grows here at Mt. Evans, giving this small area of feeling of fantasy and mystery. This is a great place to take a moment and snap a couple pictures.

Unique Trees at Mt. Evans

The Bristlecone Pine trees are the oldest living specimen on our planet. This small group of pines on Mt. Goliath on the way up to the summit are estimated to be over 5700 years old.

That's older than Grandpa..!

Mount Goliath, CO

Oldest Trees in Colorado over 5,700 years old

A Great Idea!

In 1917, Denver's Mayor inaugurated a project to attract nearby tourists after the Cascade and Pikes Peak Toll Road Completed a road to the top of the peak. Mt. Evans scenic byway was completed in 1927.

Mt. Evans 14,260 feet elevation

Motorcycle Riding on Mount Evans

Summit Lake - Mt. Evans, CO

Behold the Scenery!

Up the mountain a short distance is a sight to behold. Summit lake nestles into the stony peaks creating a natural awe. Any given afternoon offers amazing colors and Grand sunsets on this area of Mt. Evans.

Summit Lake - Mt. Evans, CO

Summit lake, Colorado Mt. Evans

Mountain Meadows

On the other side of the road is an expansive mountain meadow. In prime season, the area is populated with Colorado Wildflowers and butterflies.

Amanda enjoys her walk around the high country meadows - Mt. Evans, CO

Walk Around!

Walking around the lake will is an experience in itself, offering views that seem to go forever. Thousands of feet above the horizon, it feels like you're on top of the world!

Take it all in!

Amanda takes in the Epic Views of Mt. Evans, CO
Mt. Evans Overlooking to the North
Baby Mountain Got on Mt Evans, CO

Wildlife Galore!

Wildlife is abound here on the mountain. Marmots, Mountain Goats, Pikas, Mule Deer, Elk, Squirrels, and Bighorn Sheep run about, mingling with the interested visitors.

This is an excellent opportunity, and one of the few times or place in your life, you'll be able to get this close to real mountain wildlife. No zoom lens required to take pictures of these inhabitants.

Hike around the rocky terrain, tread lightly, and pick up everything you brought with you. Bring extra battery life for this trip because you're camera will be on a lot of the time.

Get Some Great Shots of The Locals!

As you gain elevation, the wildlife changes with the landscape. The high country habitat takes form, and you'll see a variety of inhabitants. So be quick with the camera, but in other cases, it seems they are posing for a picture.

Marmot on Mount Evans CO - Photo By: Chance Buell

Young Mountain Goat
Amanda has a seat next to the local Mountain Goats of Mt. Evans
Mountain Goat Pride - photo by Chance Buell
Mountain Goat Colorado (Chance Buell)

Photographer Chance Buell enjoys wildlife photography atop Mt. Evans
Mt. Evans, CO Photo By: Chance Buell

At the Top:

At the top of the mountain you'll see the old lookout has been reconstructed, with visitor information and a much deserved break. In the past, it was a visitor center and a restaurant with a view, but in 1979, it burned to the ground. Here is the Historical Mt. Evan's Fort after.

Old Visitor Center and Restaurant burned in 1929

Keep Exploring!

A small foot trail heads up to the actual peak of the mountain, and only another 130 feet or elevation lies ahead. A small challenge is all that's in the way. Next, to the top of Mt. Evans on foot, 14,264 feet above sea level.

You made it! Your at the summit.

The views at 14,000 feet are amazing!

Mt. Evan's Scenic Byway is a must visit!

Plan a full day to visit, although it can be done in a few hours. Take your time. Visit the base at Echo Lake, enjoy the quaint mountain store and great restaurant.

Enjoy each stop along the way. Take in some new knowledge. See the oldest trees on the planet and soak in the views.

The road is only open when weather will permit, generally late spring to early fall. Bicycling is encouraged, but be ready for the serious demand on your body.

Weather can change in an instant and you are high elevation. Even in the mid of summer, a snow can fall over the summit. Sun is radiant, and there is plenty of it too. Be prepared is all I'm sayin'...

So the next time you're in Colorado, and you want to tell everyone you climbed a 'Fourteener' - you know the easiest way to get it done.

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