Mountains, Beach, or Moon

by Jade Renteria about a year ago in humanity

A cool question

Mountains, Beach, or Moon

I was thinking about what I should write about. I thought about answering a question. I looked up online and found this question. Thought it would be cool to answer. Would you rather live in the mountains, on the beach, or on the moon? Why? That's a good question.

I couldn't decide where I would rather to live in mountains or on the beach. I'm a big fan of both places. I think it'd depend on my moods. Someday I would rather live alone in the mountains. Then I would change my mind to living on a relaxing beach. Living in the mountains can be scary for some people but not for me. I love adventures. Every summer, I always go camping with my family. Mountains are quiet and peaceful. It's a place where you can meditate and find yourself. We all need some time alone. I love to be alone sometime. When I can relax and be calm. Cry if I have to. Enjoy the breeze and look at the views. It's breathtaking to look at the trees and the sky. So overwhelming and I'm speechless. There are no words to describe how I'm feeling. The feeling is magical. Cannot replace that for anything. That's why I would live in the mountains.

I'm also a big fan of beaches. Everyone love beaches! Who doesn't? Beaches have a different vibe. Can be relaxing but overwhelming with their beauty. You can lay on a hot sand and look out at the ocean. Feel that sand between your toes. It's the best feeling in the world. Enjoy the breeze and perhaps a drink in your hand. :D The ocean is blue and the waves are calming. It's breathtaking how beautiful it is. There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shores. Life is like the oceans. It can be calm or still, while other times it can be rough or rigid, but in the end it's still beautiful. You can make a lot of memories. The sand may fade but the memories will never fade. They will always be with you. I never can get tired of beaches. To some people, it's just water but to me, it's where I can be myself. Where I can relax and let myself go. I can picture myself waking up seeing the sunset rise. It's a beautiful view. I can stare at it everyday. That's why I would live on the beaches.

I never really thought about living on the moon. I'm not into science or space. So I didn't think really thought about living on the moon. But it would be cool to go to. But to live on the moon, I think it will be lonely. For me, I'm a people person. But everyone has different opinions. Moon is a nice place to visit. Would be amazing to see the sun, Earth, and other planets from different points of view. See billions of beautiful stars. I love seeing stars at night. I can watch it like it was a show. The sky is so beautiful. It's amazing! It would be neat! Would be quiet and peaceful up there. See how the whole universe works. It's like a masterpiece... Breathtaking.

It's a tough decision. I wouldn't know where I would live. Maybe I would live in both areas. :D It's good to think about those things. I never thought about where I would live if I had a choice. I would live in both places. Have you thought about where you would like to live?

Jade Renteria
Jade Renteria
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