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Living Here in Costa Rica Can Calm Your Soul!

If you do this right, your heavy, deeply-embedded stress will vanish. What an improvement this can be for your life! You deserve it! Reset, reboot & start fresh here in Costa Rica. .

By William "Skip" LichtPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read
Reset. . Reboot. . Pura Vida Lifestyle. .

Why do we do it to ourselves? What is the purpose of "getting ahead"? Why do we need to impress total strangers? It's real and it's truly a waste of time.

We all need a little 'soul calming' once in a while. Let's discover together how this, 'moving to Costa Rica' stuff can change your life!

Let's be honest. How many of you have watched a commercial on TV? Of course. . we all have! I especially like the ones that feature that perfect family driving in a brand new car, freshly-waxed, shiny and spotless. The husband has every hair in place. . the wife is so beautiful. They both have perfect teeth. . they're both wearing designer clothing. A symphony is playing in the background on their expensive, 16-speaker auto-synthesizer system. . surround sound stereo. . they're either driving in the mountains or they are pulling up to their expensive, ultra-exclusive condo. They get out of their car and they are escorted into their beachfront high-rise lobby. The commercial ends and you are feeling like you're a TOTAL FAILURE in life. You get up from your couch, walk out to the parking lot and you stare at your 10-year-old car with a few scratches on the driver's side. Your front right tire is low on air. The care needs a good cleaning! You have absolutely no designer clothes in your closet and your hair is always a mess! Your teeth are not perfect, either! You wonder what went wrong in your life. Welcome to reality!

The life here in Costa Rica is not for show. There is no 'keeping up with the Joneses'. Your car's dirty all the time. You dress for comfort. . NOT for success. You spend your time planning your day trips to the beach, to the top of one of our dozens of volcanoes, taking a tour of a coffee plantation, spending a morning people watching in downtown San Jose. You go to the market twice a week to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. You talk to your neighbor! You take a Spanish lesson or two. . Welcome to the Pura Vida Lifestyle!

In the USA in 2019, it is said that over 100 million people experienced high blood pressure. That number represents more than 1/2 of the adult population. Furthermore, it is estimated that over 120,000 people die of work-related stress every year. Common effects of stress are headache, anxiety, overeating or undereating, muscle tension or pain, restlessness, angry outbursts , chest pain, lack of motivation or focus, drug or alcohol misuse , fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, tobacco use , change in sex drive, irritability or anger, social withdrawal , stomach upset, sadness or depression, exercising less often, sleep problems. . and on and on and on. How many of these symptoms do you have right this minute?

We are on God's green earth for perhaps 80 years, if we are lucky. There is no trial period. . no do-overs. . there's no button that we can push to rewind and restart from the beginning. Every day, we have exactly 86,400 seconds of life. We live our day. We get up, we work, we eat, we relax a little and we sleep. We do that over and over each and every day. If we're fortunate enough to have Saturday and Sunday off, it sure comes in handy for us to recharge our batteries! But then, Monday pushes us up onto our hamster wheel and here we go again, deep into the rat race.

I submit to you that if you are one of the many who are thinking about relocating to Costa Rica. . if you have already done your due diligence and if you are almost certain that you want to move here and start a new life, either alone or with your family, then you need to get busy and do it already. This week, I spoke to a client who first contacted us in March of 2012. Over 8 years of lollygagging, procrastinating, dawdling, fidgeting and fooling around. He called us this past week and told us that he finally wants to make the move to Costa Rica and that he is so mad at himself for waiting so long to finally do so. He continued by saying that he is on medication for his high blood pressure. Stress has consumed him for many years now and he believes that he needs to move to Costa Rica to SAVE HIS LIFE! He has done his due diligence already and he knows that the Pura Vida Lifestyle is all he needs to get his stress level in check. He actually wants to sell all of his earthly possessions and start over completely. His target date to move here is February of 2021. We're going to assist him with his move, obtaining his legal status here and getting him involved with a few local expat groups. He wants to learn Spanish, learn how to ride horses, learn how to surf & most of all, he wants to read a novel a week!

Taking a step in the right direction can be a life-saver! Living here in Costa Rica can reduce your blood pressure. . it can calm your soul. Changing EVERYTHING about yourself requires commitment. One needs a plan of action once your mind is made up to do so. Don't lollygag or procrastinate. This may very well be the answer. Begin writing a new chapter in your life story. Pura Vida. .

Oh, by the way. I have seen so many success stories. A family that I know sold everything they owned and moved to Costa Rica about seven years ago. Now, they own about an acre of land in Southern Costa Rica, situated high atop a mountain. They built a cottage just to the right of their home and they rent it out to those who need a little 'soul calming'! They have visitors about 48 of the 52 weeks throughout the year from all over the world! They have planted a huge garden, populated with all kinds of veggies! They have planted fruit trees, pineapple, okra, watermelon. They started a brewery! They market their four types of beer to many of the restaurants and hotels all over Southern Costa Rica. Their son now is totally fluent in Spanish. And, most important. . they are happy beyond imagination.

It can be done. . this could happen to you!

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William "Skip" Licht

Costa Rica is a magical place. Since November, 2002, when I first visited this country, I have been in love with the people, the culture, its biodiversity, the food. . everything about it makes me happy! Now I share my excitement with you!

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