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How to Travel Around Maldives –

Ways to Explore this Tropical Wonderland

By TravelcPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
How to Travel Around Maldives –
Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

The beautiful Maldives would, without doubt, be regarded as a premier holiday destination, drawing innumerable holidaymakers with its splendid tropical weather, picturesque surroundings, lovely beaches, private island resorts and an array of leisure activities. If you desire to travel within this archipelagic nation, there are a number of efficient options to consider and the main modes of travel in the Maldives are described below.

By domestic flights 

As you might expect, in an archipelago of far-flung islands, domestic flights would be a good way to travel between distant destinations within the Maldives. Regular flights would be available to more than a dozen different domestic airports located on various islands. These domestic flights would be an effective, albeit relatively costly way to travel between destinations. 

By seaplane 

For travelling to a distant location within the Maldives in the quickest way, the option to choose would be taking a seaplane flight though you should keep in mind that seaplanes won’t operate at night. Since these planes can land on water, you could travel to virtually any location here if you so desire. In fact, a seaplane flight would be necessary to reach some of the resorts on private islands in places like the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of seaplane flights would be the stunning aerial views that they would provide. An accommodation choice in the Baa Atoll to consider that you could reach by seaplane would be The Nautilus Maldives where you could stay at a luxurious Maldives house with friends or family; such resorts also provide private seaplane adventures, ideal when you want to explore more and visit secluded sandbanks or remote islands.

By speedboat

Travelling by speedboat would be a popular transport option for both foreign tourists as well as the locals. As you might expect, transport by speedboat would be an uncomplicated and reasonably cost-effective way to travel within the island nation. Speedboats would also have the capability to reach destinations that wouldn’t be accessible via domestic flights or ferries, especially private island resorts located close to Male and the main international airport. A speedboat ride would be a thrilling and enjoyable experience as well, perfect for transfers and visiting certain inhabited islands.

By ferry 

For reaching islands in the Maldives in the most inexpensive way, the option of choice would be travelling by ferry, as many locals would often do. You would have the opportunity to use the affordable ferry services to travel between the inhabited islands; naturally, a ferry journey would also provide you with a glimpse into the local way of life and enable you to mingle with friendly locals. However, you should keep in mind that ferries wouldn’t travel to the resort islands and may not conform to schedules. 

By yacht or dhoni 

For visitors with ample budgets, chartering a yacht (or bringing one of your own) would be a marvellous way to explore the Maldives as you could visit the localities of your choice at your own pace. In this way, you could visit interesting far-flung islands and secluded reefs. 

On the other hand, visitors with more modest budgets could still take a ride on a dhoni, a wooden sailing vessel traditionally used by the people of the islands. You would have the opportunity to explore captivating islands or undertake a sunset cruise on a dhoni. 

By bus, taxi and other means

Visitors to the Maldives could also use the bus services available in cities like Male or Hulhumale. Although the routes available would be limited this would be a simple and inexpensive way to travel. There would additionally be useful taxi services available in cities such as Male or Addu as well; in Male, it would be very easy to hail one of these vehicles and enjoy an air-conditioned comfortable ride. Interestingly, it would be common for several passengers to share a taxi too. 

Meanwhile, some resorts would provide bicycles for the use of their guests, providing you with the opportunity to cycle amidst the fresh air and appealing surroundings. Finally, simply walking would be a good way to get about the smaller islands at your own pace as well.

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