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How to Plan Your Trip to Laos

A Nation of Striking Attractions

By Sewmini James Published 2 months ago 3 min read
How to Plan Your Trip to Laos
Photo by Hongbin on Unsplash

The beautiful nation of Laos may be regarded as one of the loveliest countries in Southeast Asia featuring alluring mountain landscapes. This destination would also be known for its history, Buddhism, sightseeing attractions, delicious food and tranquil laidback ambience. There are many things to do in Laos, including admiring the wonders of nature, engaging in adventure activities and experiencing the local culture. Provided below are some suggestions for planning your visit here. 

Select the time to visit 

You will find that it would be quite possible to visit Laos throughout the year as it experiences a warm tropical climate. However, if you seek optimal weather conditions, it would be a good idea to schedule your visit from October to April. At this time, the weather should be consistently dry and warm. However, this would also be the peak season for tourism meaning that you could expect more fellow tourists and higher prices. On the other hand, you could visit during the rainy season which would extend from the latter part of May through October. The spells of rain usually wouldn’t last long and you could expect the waterfalls to be in full flow at this time, whilst wildlife would also be more active. 

Know how to get around 

There would be a number of useful ways to get about Laos and your choice would depend on your personal priorities. Taking the buses would be a popular and cost-effective way of getting around the country; there would also be long-distance and sleeper buses for the use of travellers. Another option would be travelling in the air-conditioned minivans. Some parts of the country could be rapidly reached via the nation’s railway system as well. 

If comfort and convenience are your priorities, you may also travel by taxi. A cheaper and possibly more enjoyable experience would be using the readily available tuk-tuks to travel around. Other available options would be using rental vehicles (cars and motorbikes), songthaews and boat services for your transport needs.

Enjoy the things to do 

As you might expect, there would be an array of things to do and experiences to be enjoyed during your visit to Laos. Undoubtedly, a not-to-be-missed experience would be visiting the town of Vang Vieng which would offer adventure activities as well as a happening party scene. You could also take the opportunity to visit Vientiane, the biggest city where you would encounter an array of engrossing sightseeing attractions. Another absorbing city to explore would be Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you could stroll along picturesque streets and visit the local temples.

Another experience to enjoy from this city would be embarking on a cruise with an operator like Mekong Kingdoms on which you could also take some outstanding pictures for your photo gallery as you journey along the famed Mekong River. You may additionally take the opportunity to visit the stunning Kuang Si Falls which is located in proximity to Luang Prabang. Another captivating experience would be exploring the appealing 4,000 Islands you would find on the Mekong River in southern Laos which offer more rewarding discoveries. 

Savour the foods 

During your visit to this country, you would have the opportunity to enjoy the delightful local cuisine which would offer many mouth-watering dishes. You may choose to enjoy a khao jee sandwich which would basically be a baguette filled with chopped ham, luncheon meat, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and more. Another typical local dish would be mok pa which would consist of fish steamed in banana leaves along with flavourful additions like kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, chillies and fish sauce. 

You should also try out the very popular noodle soup or khao piak sen, a dish that features rice noodles and a choice of chicken, beef or pork as well as onions, tomato, chillies and bean sprouts. Additionally, you could enjoy these dishes with a Beerlao, the locally brewed beer.

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  • Darkos2 months ago

    So beautiful! Great article !

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    Very interesting! Great work!

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