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How to plan a 3-day weekend trip to Hong Kong

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By Sewmini James Published 2 months ago 4 min read
How to plan a 3-day weekend trip to Hong Kong
Photo by Serey Kim on Unsplash

A paradise for shopaholics with mega shopping malls and fascinating street markets, an array of attractions such as Madam Tussauds, Hong Kong Disney, Ocean Park etc. complemented by ornate shrines, beautiful parks, a bustling harbour and an exotic food scene Hong Kong is a glittering megapolis awaiting to welcome intrepid travellers. Discover how to pack in as many exciting visits as possible for your 3-day trip to this amazing city.


In preparing for this fully packed itinerary in Hong Kong it is best to be armed with a few tips.

Made up of several islands, Hong Kong has two main islands, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Hong Kong Island is the commercial hub with modern skyscrapers whilst Kowloon is the older one with more traditional buildings.

Octopus Card – This versatile reusable value smart card saves you money and a lot of time as you don’t need to wait in long queues to change money. This card facilitates payment for your rides on public transport like the MTR, Bus, Tram, Ferry and Coach as well as paying for items at convenience points.

Gratuities/Tips – Most restaurants in Hong Kong add a service charge to the bill, hence no tipping is required by the guest.

The itinerary for each day is given below in the order that is practical for visitors such as those using hotels in Causeway Bay Hong Kong. However, deviating from the same order is fine if you can still fit in the places to see and experience within the day.

Day 01 Hong Kong Island

Nan Lian Garden – Starting sightseeing from this enchanting garden will be a soothing experience to treat the senses. Admission to this park is free of charge. Built during the Tang Dynasty, this is not a large garden yet offers a haven for its visitors to escape after a tired day as done by visitors from Hong Kong Hotels Wan Chai.

Mong Kok – This district is loaded with shops, malls, and market stalls offering a paradise for shopaholics. The spectacular flower market is a treat even if you don’t want to buy blooms, whilst the Ladies Market offers a fine range of clothing. Don’t fail to taste tantalizing local food down Dundas Street.

Hong Kong Museum – Offering free admission each Wednesday, on other days of the week (except on Tuesday when the Museum is closed) a nominal fee is charged. A visit here is illuminating to discover the long history of Hong Kong through interactive features.

Avenue of Stars – This waterfront promenade was created to honour the celebrities of the silver screen and other notable personalities. This is best seen at dusk to also experience the symphony of lights.

Day 02 Hong Kong Island

Man Mo Temple – One of the oldest temples in Hong Kong depicting architecture from the Qing Dynasty.

Central Mid-level escalators – The longest covered outdoor escalator system in the world was created to ease the throngs of people who cross this hilly terrain of Hong Kong, situated at Jubilee Street. The ride takes about 20 minutes.

Dai Pai Dongs – You must not miss this unique food experience in Hong Kong of eating at open-air food stalls that used to be sought after some time ago. Only a few of them are still operating in the city.

Hong Kong Street Art – Whether you like street art or not, witnessing this artistry in the form of graffiti and murals in the Soho area of Hong Kong is rather inspiring.

Sunset at Victoria Peak – The best way to experience this is to proceed to Victoria Peak at dusk using the popular tram. The view is awe-inspiring.   this incredible

Day 03 Kowloon

Choi Hung Estate – A sensational neighbourhood thanks to Instagram, many visitors love to come over here and save an epic image with the background of rainbow-hued homes which is one of the oldest public housing estates in Kowloon.

Sham Shui Po Food Tour – An interesting tour in the local neighbourhoods to experience traditional dishes at various places covering breakfast, desserts, dumplings noodles and more whilst learning about the food culture too.

Nathan Road – Known as Golden Mile this stretch of flashy lit-up street connecting Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront to Sham Shui Po has an abundance of temples, hotels, offices, malls, and restaurants for an interesting walkabout.

Temple Street Night Market – Operating from 5 pm to 11 pm this night market, the largest in Hong Kong offers a variety of shoes, bags, clothing, and electrical items for sale.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Hong Kong is awesome! Great work!

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