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How to Plan a Travel to Jeju Island

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By Peaushan DevanarayanaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
How to Plan a Travel to Jeju Island
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China is not only about imperial glory and timeless works of art and history and Shanghai is proof of this. This is a super modern city with stylish high-rise buildings and a whole host of metropolitan attractions to visit. If you are the city traveller, this is the place to be! Below are the highlights of Shanghai that must be visited for an unforgettable experience.

The Bund

Overlooking the Huangpu River, which is 500 meters wide, The Bund is the place to be for stunning views of the Shanghai skyline. Strolling by the river that divides the city in two is a wonderful evening activity to enjoy. For a little more romance to your visit to the place, opt for a quiet river cruise which is perfect to indulge in with a special someone.

Try the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel for a unique experience. But be warned, it is also a little more expensive than the other options.

Explore Yuyuan Garden

Not far from The Bund is a patch of green that has been around for ages. This archaic garden belongs to the time of the Ming Dynasty. The scenery here is mesmerising and fits in well as a valuable ornamental place in the city. The garden is adorned with intricately designed bridges, there are small romantic spots which have been cordoned off by Dragon Walls. Vibrant Pagodas can also be seen in certain places within the garden.

It would be great if you could arrange a guide to teach you about the historical value of the garden.

Take in vistas from the Orient Pearl TV Tower

This is one of the ultra-modern buildings in the city of Shanghai with eleven spheres, fifteen observatories and Shanghai Municipal History Museum where you can learn more about the city. The highest observatory is 350 metres above land and is known as the Space Module. The vistas from here are as stunning as you expect them to be.

The attraction tends to get quite crowded during weekends especially. Expect to stand in queues for about 1-2 hours to enter. Arrive as early as possible and you can avoid the inconvenience.

Shop at Nanjing Road

Emanating a similar atmosphere to that of New York's Fifth Avenue, Nanjing Road is an amazing place to get all your shopping done. There is alluring architecture to marvel at and learn more about Chinese history through the 37 Manhole Covers. The Golden Belt is full of sculptures that are historic treasures here.

You can enjoy shopping in stores which offer brands from across the world and have an absolute blast. Visit at night for a wonderful experience.

Visit Zhujiajiao

This is a town that has been there from the early past and is a water town, quite the opposite of what you'd expect in Shanghai. The place is just an hour away from Somerset Gubei Shanghai and other such Shanghai apartments in the city centre.

Once you arrive, you can either explore on foot or take a ferry ride around town. The shorter ferry ride takes you across the main canal only while the longer ride will take you around the town.

Shanghai Museum

If you find Chinese culture and history interesting, then don't miss out on what the Shanghai Museum has to offer. There are over 120,000 artefacts here and they include 400 pieces of bronze with beautiful artwork on them. Other exhibits include Ancient Sculptures, Ancient Ceramics and Ancient Bronzes.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall holds information about how modern Shanghai came to be. You have the chance to thoroughly learn about the city from the past to the present.

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