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How to plan a solo trip to Tunisia

Exploring a city drenched in history!

By Amie GinendraPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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The most northerly African country, Tunisia, serves as a bridge among Europe, Middle East and Africa. The country has been visited by various nationalities, including Romans, Vandals, Phoenicians, Arabs and Turks, and they've all left evidence of their presence. The beautiful coastline that extends along the Mediterranean isn't the only reason for a traveller to want to tour Tunisia; its desert regions, villages and gorgeous ancient architecture induce interest in international travellers.

Travelling Tunisia on your own

This is one of the destinations in Africa where anyone can travel alone. It is relatively safe; however, there is the occasional incident of harassment. Not to worry, if you adhere to a few guidelines, there's no reason for you to be worried.

Where to stay

Tunisia is a popular destination, and as with every popular destination, Tunisia also has a range of accommodation options. You can easily find a hotel or a guesthouse that fits your budget. The likes of The Residence Tunis are one example of Tunisian accommodation.

Women in Tunisia

Rules and cultural norms in Tunisia may be different from that of your country. However, when compared to other countries in the region, Tunisia is less conservative. Women's rights are now taken seriously, and most local women study and work. There was a time when Tunisia didn't consider domestic violence to be criminal, but now the Tunisian police look into the complaints of domestic violence. While you are enjoying all the things to do in Tunis, if you are a woman, you may get unwanted attention from men. This is mainly because they are not accustomed to women travelling alone. If someone tries to physically interact with you in any way or form, you should firmly say no.

Dress modestly

People here are not used to women being so carefree and independent. The country is still very much conservative, and the locals are still coming into the grasp of modern values. The way you dress while touring Tunisia is something you should take seriously. Do not wear anything revealing like tank tops or shorts; wearing this kind of clothes can put you in serious danger. Always make sure that your legs and shoulders are covered. If you are getting too much attention, you can cover your head with a scarf-wearing a headcover is required when entering religious sites.

A few safety tips

Safety is a relative term, and you are never fully safe wherever you are in the world. But there are things you can do to minimize the dangers you could face when travelling alone. Always sit in the back of the cab, and if you are a woman, sit next to other women when using public transport. Think carefully when choosing accommodation – the cheap guesthouse next to the souk may be appealing to you in terms of the cost, but it is not the safest option. Another way of staying safe in Tunisia is to meet other international travellers and join a tour group.

Things to do in Tunisia

Although the country is often cited as a beach destination, it has various other attractions. Palm-tree filled oases, pastel washed houses, ancient ruins, souks, craggy mountains, and sweeping dunes detail a well rounded Tunisian trip. Those looking for a beach escape can visit Djerba; the pristine coastline is dotted with palm trees and beach chairs. To learn a little about the country's history, you can visit The National Bardo Museum. Dougga, Sousse Medina, Kairouan, Bulla Regia, and Sidi Bou Said are a few suggestions for a traveller curious about a country's culture and ancient history.

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