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How to Pack for Bali The ultimate packing list!

Tropical beach vacation

By Amie GinendraPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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The majority of people believe that all tropical beach vacation will have the exact same packing list. Though this is valid for most parts, there are certain essentials that you cannot leave behind when visiting Bali. Since weather conditions and conservativeness vary from one country to another, you must pack appropriately. Here is a list of things to carry with you on your vacation to Bali.


Slip-on footwear is significantly more comfortable than hiking boots or strappy sandals. This is due to the fact that you will be expected to remove your shoes at temples, homes, and even certain bars, hotels, cafés, massage parlours, and other establishments. As a result, unlacing trainers or related styles of footwear will become very tedious. When visiting Thailand, you can bring footwear that is both easy to wear and breathable. Plastic flats do not seem to be very chic, but they are waterproof, simple to wear, and stylish, and you will completely love them due to the ease and convenience they provide. You will find them in almost any shop here. Comfortable flip-flops are an alternative, but they appear to slip and slide in wet tropical climates. Often, footwear, such as the Toms, are not suitable since they take a long time to dry after being soaked. Pack your outdoor boots, rock climbing footwear, and other important footwear depending on the activities you want to participate in.

Water bottles, bug sprays and sunscreens

Pack a refillable bottle for water if you want to save money and save the environment from plastic waste. You will be able to refill them for just a few cents in several locations in Thailand. Don't worry, this is purified water that won't make your stomach churn. If you want to stop mosquitos from biting and repel insects and bugs, you should use repellent sprays. In tropical areas, a high SPF sunscreen is a must, particularly when relaxing on the beaches. Your accommodation will most likely be next to the beach, and you'll most likely spend a lot of time on the beaches. But don't be lazy to use sunscreen with a good SPF. Besides, when travelling with your family, check out a family resort in Bali that offers kid-friendly activities. You can check out properties like Nirjhara for a good experience.

Rain jackets, rainfly and dry sacs

The rainy season, which perseveres from the months between May and October, is to be expected due to the tropical climate. You should have a rain jacket to protect yourself from the showers. A rain fly for your belongings would also come in handy, as it will keep your items dry. To keep all your electronics secure, try packaging them in dry sacs.

Clothes to pack for a tropical weather

The weather in this part of the world can be very hot and humid, which is evident all year round. As a result, your packing list should have tank tops/t-shirts, loose trousers, long skirts, a special occasion outfit, and similar items. But keep in mind that if you don't cover with modest clothes, you won't be able to visit temples or other conservative sites. Bring a sarong or shawl with you at all times to cover your shoulders and legs in such situations.

Bathing suits towels

You'll be spending hours in the swimming pools and also on the beaches. You'll be off to a bad start if you don't have your bathing suit and other swimming necessities. Also recommended are quick-dry towels. When visiting the beaches, do not forget to bring a towel!

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