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How to learn surfing in Galle            

Water Sports in Galle

By Sewmini James Published 2 months ago 3 min read
How to learn surfing in Galle            
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Surfing is a popular sport around the world and is also a fast-growing one with about 23 million across the globe engaging in surfing activities. In this individual sport you as the surfer ride the swell of waves becoming in tune with nature. Galle on the southern coast of Sri Lanka an ideal place for surfing with great waves and rich biodiversity. With outstanding surfing spots and skilled surfers around learning surfing here will make those yet to tick off that bucket list item do it in style.


As one of the best destinations for surfing for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfers in Sri Lanka, Galle is geared to cater to all these levels with many facilities and trained surf personnel. Any Galle water sports centre in the district will have these infrastructure and facilities making it easy to learn surfing during even a short visit to Galle whilst you are enjoying a tour of the island.

From renting surfboards to learning to ride waves individually, beginners can learn under trained professionals and can easily secure their services in Galle who make learning safe, systematic, and enjoyable.

Although some visitors may want to learn surfing independently it can take a longer time to master the proper art and may cause injury to the novice surfer hence train under skilled professionals while you are in Galle as often done by visitors at many properties in Galle such as Kahanda Kanda.

Please read on to learn how best to go about becoming a graceful surfer.

Private surf lessons for beginners

Usually, these lessons are of 90-minute duration for small groups of beginners with a private Surf Instructor starting at sunrise around 6 am.

You learn the core skills of surfing on a soft foam surfboard that covers the safety aspects of surfing. Jumping up techniques, footwork and the stance, core balance techniques, turning the board, paddling out and catching and riding unbroken waves. The instructor will demonstrate and will monitor each member of the group and as the sessions progress complement the actual learning with a host of background information to uplift the learners’ knowledge of surfing.

This beginner's learning can be easily done using a Beginners Private Instructor Package. The reasonably priced packages include the services of the instructor, a soft foam board initially then a fibreglass board for training and a long-sleeved surfing top and rash guard to protect you as you surf.

Private surf lessons for intermediate surfers

These lessons of 90-minute duration are tailored for surfers who have mastered the initial surfing techniques, and such surfers who have a desire to take their surfing skill to a higher plateau, those who dream of gliding on open waves gracefully intermediate lessons are ideal.

This intermediate learning can be secured by an Intermediate Private Instructor Package.

These reasonably priced packages include a surfboard and rash guard and cover progressively advancing techniques and moves.

How to paddle beyond the breaking waves

  • Positioning & wave selection
  • Understanding the priority and surf etiquette for catching waves
  • Catching and taking off on unbroken waves
  • Riding left or right on the open waves
  • Wave positioning, turn profiles and manoeuvres
  • Positioning and confidently paddling into taking off on bigger waves

Learning for Advanced Surfers

For advanced surfers, there is much value to be gained in Galle as many surf training centres have experienced instructors to educate advanced surfers on the tides, weather, and other options available in Galle and elsewhere in Sri Lanka.

There are camps for surfers in Galle which have a mix of different levels of surfers where advanced surfers can meet others at a similar level where sharing experiences can take place and even visits to unknown surf spots in the area.

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