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How To experience Sri Lanka's untouched East Coast

Travel in Sri Lanka

By Prihansa PereraPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
How To experience Sri Lanka's untouched East Coast
Photo by Sanesh De Alwis on Unsplash

Sri Lanka boasts of some exquisite coastlines out of which its east coast is gifted with some of the most pristine and immaculate beaches. From Nilaveli beach that paves the way for fantastic snorkelling opportunities to a diverse culture of a small coastal town called Trincomalee, one can explore many fascinating aspects of Sri Lanka's untouched east coast.

Relax on beaches

Many tourists that visit Trincomalee hang around in Uppuveli to explore its surrounding attractions. Located close to properties such as Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes, it is a small town that's close to the beach that flaunts trendy cafés and a perfect holiday ambience. While you stay in Uppuveli, you can easily arrange a day trip to go whale watching or even a snorkelling trip around Pigeon Island. Nilaweli is yet another charming coastal town in the district of Trincomalee that is located on the east coast of Sri Lanka. It is famed for being a serene and secluded stretch of beach where the sand is smooth, and the palm trees sway. The stunning beauty that this coastline renders makes Nilaveli Beach one of the best of its kind in Trincomalee. Things to do are many in this city, but walking along its beach with your toes in the white sand, and salt in your hair is the most awesome way of spending a relaxing holiday on the East coast. One can reach the Nilaveli Beach by driving towards North from Trincomalee.

Explore cultural sites

With a majority of the community being Hindus, it is no wonder that this historic city has some fascinating Hindu temples to captivate its many visitors. One of these Hindu temples is the Koneswaram Kovil, which is located adjacent to Fort Frederik. The intricate carvings and the vibrantly coloured façade of this temple are pretty appealing to its visitors. Dedicated to Shiva, a deity of the Hindu faith, the Koneswaram stands right next to a massive statue, behind which one can overlook the largest natural harbours in Sri Lanka. Yet another spellbindingly colourful Hindu temple in Trincomalee is Sri Pathrakali Amman Kovil. It is one of the most strikingly colour-glazed Hindu temples that you'd ever come across in Sri Lanka. The kovil is located close to the Trincomalee bus station and is a must-visit for all the history buffs who visit this city. An ancient colonial site in Trincomalee is Fort Frederick, which was primarily built by the Portuguese and subsequently used by all colonists that ruled in Sri Lanka. The Fort Frederick is nestled among lush greenery among which beautiful deer can be found.

Admire its marine wonderland

The East coast is almost always mentioned as one of the best whale-watching destinations in Sri Lanka. If you join a whale-watching tour in Trincomalee, you can look forward to being mesmerised by the acrobatics of the majestic Blue Whales, glide alongside dolphins, and even be hypnotized by Sperm Whales. A 2 to 3 hours whale-watching trip may cost up to $35 per person. To enjoy the best of these whale-watching experiences, it is recommended that you visit these mysterious habitats of these magnificent creatures from late March till early September. Another place to get up close and personal with beautiful marine creatures is Pigeon Island. It is one of the most famous places to go snorkelling and diving in Sri Lanka. This island is located off the coast of Nilaveli Beach and takes only about 10 minutes to reach via boat.

Enjoy good food

Café on the 18th is a trendy place that is a thriving tourist hotspot in Trincomalee. The place is all the rage its servings of fresh coffee, refreshing juices, and delicious smoothies that would make you crave for more. It is a cosy café where you can enjoy a warm meal after a day at the beach. Another cool place to hang out in Trincomalee is Fernando's Beach Bar. Its excellent location near the beach makes it an ideal place to hang out when you're on holiday. When the sun is up, you can look forward to lounging in the sun with a refreshing smoothie in your hand. It is also a great place to have your lunch with a good variety of local and western delicacies on its menu.


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