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How to Avoid Getting Alone While Traveling


By LunaPublished 11 months ago 4 min read
How to Avoid Getting Alone While Traveling
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I've traveled alone all over the world, and although there's enough information out there on the mechanics of solo travel, there's none out there about my biggest road annoyance—loneliness.

We've all experienced loneliness, which may range from a physically severe poison to an annoying, persistent itch.

What makes loneliness so dangerous on the road is its lack of realistic answers, regardless of its various and everyday intensities.

Loneliness might exhaust us to the point where we can't enjoy our trips and may even give up and return home.

However, I've discovered that there are solutions available. Because knowledge is power, I'm delighted to share these six strategies for overcoming loneliness, whether at home or on the road.

Frequently Visited Places

This is a strong one. Look into local coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, parks, and other amenities wherever you're staying. Stick "your places" once you've found them.

That isn't to suggest we shouldn't go exploring, but having default "hot zones" gives you a feeling of familiarity that allows you to "turn it off" in terms of social composure and relax truly.

When you're surrounded by regular workers and customers, you'll establish a feeling of community and be more likely to make friends naturally. You'll get a TON of local suggestions and will feel like you've done your homework.

FaceTimes with a party

FaceTime with your peers in groups rather than one-on-one. Just do it, even if it means making virtual introductions.

While one-on-one phone calls are great for keeping up with pals, operating as a group of friends will provide you with considerably more support (and far less social energy consumption).

Reminding yourself that you're part of a "pack" will make you feel significantly less susceptible to future dangers and so powerful, and nothing beats self-empowerment when it comes to overcoming loneliness.


Courses are essential since they are by far the simplest and quickest method to form lasting connections and to experience a sense of belonging in the community.

Whether you choose a one-time pasta-making class or a long-term improv class, you and your colleagues will feel potentially susceptible, as you go on the same educational path and face the same classroom problems, hastening the process of making friends and feeling safe.

Having a local tour guide is always beneficial, and having an emergency contact will calm your concerns.

Furthermore, while travel entails a high level of danger on a daily basis, being in a secure, regulated classroom atmosphere will help to balance your spontaneity while also providing a tranquil, predictable area to rest.

Soft Toys

Oh, believe me when I say that I'm serious about it. Every lone traveling adult, in my opinion, should invest in a huge, adult squeezable plushie.

Loneliness is frequently the result of our bodies' desire for personal interaction. Fortunately, studies have shown that "squeezes" are adequate to induce oxytocin, which is why everyone likes a hug, why toys for autistic children typically include squeezes, and why cows are frequently put through a "squeezer" to settle their anxieties before slaughter (I know, it's amazing).

Squeezing a plushie can simulate this sensation, providing you with the sense of peace and friendship you need to balance your crazy travels.

So, celebrate your inner kid by getting yourself a cute, fluffy plushie to cuddle within the morning.

Food that makes you feel good

Do you have a favorite dish that you like to eat when you're feeling down? Take a step forward.

Your go-to road-trip fare is now your comfort meal. Comfort food is an excellent way to alleviate loneliness, not only because it creates a sense of familiarity, but also because good associations with that meal will improve your mood.

Furthermore, going to your favorite grocery store or eating at your favorite restaurant can strengthen your feeling of community, familiarity, and maybe your social network.

Rituals for a Cozy Night's Sleep

A nighttime routine is important for a variety of reasons when it comes to settling down:

We've discussed familiarity a lot, and for good cause. Because you can bring your ritual with you to any new, unknown environment, a daily routine will make any new area seem more like home.

Sleep- Walking is a lot more exhausting than one might think because a traveler's brain will be bombarded with fresh information on a regular basis.

This degree of energy consumption may make us feel weak, prompting a pouty "I want to go home" response, which may be alleviated by prioritizing sleep.

It's critical to feel physically powerful psychologically when on the road, since we may otherwise feel vulnerable.

A warm routine has been shown to enhance excellent sleep, which in turn strengthens our bodies and reduces our mental fragility.

Travelers frequently feel insecure as a result of unfamiliar traffic signs, people, and culture shock. Fear of having to fend for oneself is a common cause of loneliness.

As a result, creating a daily "safe place" can help to alleviate loneliness caused by anxiety and bewilderment, which can be reduced by a completely regulated tranquil daily self-care routine.

Fear, low self-esteem, or physiological urges are all common causes of loneliness. We can make the most of our travels if we can address these roots with self-care, safety, and relaxation.

I highly advise everybody, everywhere, to travel for as long as they can. If you've always wanted to travel the world but were afraid of being lonely, you're now fully equipped to go anywhere and study everything you desire.

Tiger, go grab 'em. Loneliness will be slammed in your smile.

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