How My Retreat Experience in Phuket Changed My Life

by Carrie Ly 8 months ago in review

Is a Retreat in Phuket Thailand Right for You?

How My Retreat Experience in Phuket Changed My Life

Are you someone looking to travel to Thailand for holiday, but also thinking you might want to also incorporate some fitness activities, try out some new workshops, meet new people, and leave tropical paradise with more than just a nice tan? Perhaps the thought to attend a retreat popped up in your head for a while, but you’re thinking, what’s the true value you’ll be receiving from it?

In this blog post, I’ll be head diving into an over two-week experience at Phuket Cleanse, a mindful fitness all-inclusive retreat located in this abundant island. Below I’ll be chit chatting on what tools and overall transformation I came out with and why I truly believe every single one of us can come out of a holiday retreat with the tools to better our daily life and improve our personal reality.

In short form, this is how I like to describe a retreat to someone that hasn’t experience it yet… it has all the components you have on a vacation like head massages, fresh cold coconuts, exciting excursions, and cultural seeings, but even better—you finish your vacation with life lessons, a healthier body, a stronger mind, and a courageous heart. Because, if you’re like me, I want to come out of a holiday with more than just a nice tan!!

Phuket Cleanse is a five star hotel retreat. Detox Fitness Holiday supercharges your health throughout your journey in Thailand to ensure you are getting your mind stimulated, your fitness goals met, delicious and nutritious vegetarian food from AM to PM, your daily dose of vitamin D by the Thai beaches, exciting activities to keep you interested, foot massages to relieve all your working nerves, and simply put—all your needs met until you depart back home. Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, it’s true. It’s real folks. This paradise oasis I spent over two weeks in changed my life, and I’m here to tell you why and how this experience could be the solution for you.

I arrived in Phuket Cleanse with lots of baggage (literally!) and I didn’t feel strong or fit because I didn’t have the motivation to exercise, had no routine whatsoever in my daily life from the constant change happening around me. I wasn’t able to slow down and breathe and clearly think from my heart, felt completely thrown off course and on edge from traveling prior to arriving, and the list goes on… yup, it happens and you know what, that’s totally okay.

The moment I arrived at PC, I was welcomed with open arms and lavished with smiles from all the other guests, and got to settle into the incredibly beautiful room, which was seriously SO luxurious I felt like all my worries just washed away with feeling so safe with the space, and excited to experience new things and meet new people.

I immediately got right into the first classes I wanted to attend which was, of course, Muay Thai and a SUP boarding class at sunset to end off my day. At Phuket Cleanse, they have a weekly set schedule organized and time coordinated with residential boot camps, high-strength Muay Thai to HIT strength and conditioning, to yoga and detox classes, cooking and daily talks, to self-love workshops and crazy weird experiences like Cacao ceremonies!!

Honestly, you will, hands down experience something NEW at a place like PC and be able to mix and match the classes and workshops offered the day of. I loved having the ability to set my own schedule and just go with the flow with how I’m feeling when I wake up to decide what I’ll do that will truly nourish me. Somedays it’s hardcore with Muay Thai two times a day, or maybe it’s a chill day just SUP boarding and ocean swims. Or hey, maybe it’s just chilling by the PC pool and being lavished with foot massages!!

My main schedule at PC consisted of a morning hike, Muay Thai or Yoga class, meditation or a workshop (either cooking or a talk), followed by a strength class or Sunset SUP board as the ocean depending on how I’m feeling, then after dinner another meditation class or workshop to end off the night. I can wholeheartedly say, by the end of this consistent mix and match magical smash of wholesome activities, I was looking, feeling, and thinking SO much better of myself, my life, and towards others around. The highly intensive classes, such as Muay Thai and Strength classes, allowed me to build and tone my muscles. Most importantly, it reminded me of my body capabilities… we are truly so much stronger than we think.

The meditation classes and guided workshops allowed me to learn so many new things I never knew about, I’m talking mind to body connections, insights on my bad habits, being mindful with my eating, the importance of setting intentions in what we do, which ALL applies to our lives on a daily basis. I felt like I reconnected with myself after my two weeks at Phuket Cleanse and finished feeling refreshed, enlightened, and actually excited to use all my new insights, perspectives, and tools to my present to flourish my future.

Ok so now to food—and trust me if this doesn’t paragraph doesn’t hit it home for you, I’m not sure what will. Phuket Cleanse knows how to celebrate good food. You’ll have your mind blown by their creative vegetarian dishes that are tailored to meet anyone’s needs. You’ll be eating something new every single day and something different the next day!! They have real clever plant-based dishes you can’t find on google, such as mushroom fritters, turmeric chai sunrise drinks, the PC style for Taco Tuesday, and more!

One thing I loved about the way PC rolls with their buffet style meals is that they portion everything out on their table so you actually have the option to choose how much your body needs for the day. Believe it or not, this method of laying out their meals actually helped me to be more mindful with my eating. I had a massive problem with putting way too much food on my plate and not finishing it, which is a horrible habit I had the privilege to grow up with. But I realized that my body doesn’t NEED all that food. You’ll be surprised how well you can despair your fullness by just being mindful with your portions and tuning in to see how your body feels.

I came out of Phuket Cleanse feeling a million times better than when I arrived. I was struggling with a lot of areas in my life, and felt like I came out with the empowerment and momentum to lead my best life. I also felt with new friends that I would have never met if it weren’t for the environment of the retreat that brings everyone so close together, that it feels like your little family.

Oh and also they have daily foot massages available every single day that I like actually live for. That is all, hope this blog post helped you gain insight on the value I personally received in tropical paradise.

Carrie Ly
Carrie Ly
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