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How can the Maldives be the best trip family ever?

Plan a family-friendly vacation for your kids in the Maldives!

By traveltheworld worldPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Image Credit: Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

A family holiday in the Maldives? It’s not something you hear every day, is it? Well, to your surprise, you will find that the Maldives is one of the tropical destinations where you can have an ultimate family holiday. Even though the Maldives have been marketed as a honeymoon destination, you must know that there are plenty of activities you can do and experience as a family. So how can you have the best family trip in the Maldives?

Best times to go

To have the best ever trip, you must make sure to travel to the Maldives at the best times. As with any tropical nations, the weather in this country is also changeable. Therefore, the best times to visit the Maldives are the dry seasons which starts in October and ends in April. However, the best weather can be experienced during the months between December and March. Having said that, the December and the January seasons are the most expensive times and are the peak season of the calendar. Nevertheless, plan your trip according to your budget. Besides, if it’s overcast with bad weather, some of the resorts also have Maldives kids club. These facilities will make sure that your kids are occupied at all times regardless of the weather with fun activities. For a family-friendly hotel, you can check out properties like Hard Rock Hotel Maldives.

Document requirements

When visiting the Maldives from countries like the UK, the US, Australia and other similar nations, you will receive a 30-day tourist visa on arrival. However, you must produce a valid return ticket, a passport that has validity over the next six months and a confirmation letter from the hotel or proof that you have enough funds to cover the stay. Therefore, planning your trip to the Maldives is quite easy, with minimal documentation to provide.

So why is the Maldives great for family vacations?

You must scratch this idea that the Maldives is a traditional honeymoon location. The families are completely taking over now. That statement might be a little bit extreme, as there are still some islands that are only for adults. However, the Maldives are targeting the families and the county’s market is soon growing with family-friendly resorts dotted all across the Maldives. The Maldives' tourist industry is targeting and providing families with everything. They have the best family-friendly restaurants to fun kids’ clubs. Therefore, you can also enjoy your holiday here that is relaxing and stress-free as your kids will be occupied all the time.

Things you can do in the Maldives

When planning Maldives vacations, the first question that pops into your mind will be ‘what kid-friendly activities are there in the Maldives‘? If you like adventure, action and discovering cultures and traditions, Maldives would be in your comfort zone. You can completely let your kids take part in fun water-based activities whilst you lounge in the perfect immaculate beaches of the Maldives. Apart from the water-based activities, there are also land-based activities you can check out. This will include kids’ clubs, daily kids’ programs, treasure hunts, marine life conservation programs, sandcastle competitions, pizza tasting, picnics on sandbanks and a lot more! Whilst your kids are completely taken care of with well-trained resort specialists, you can enjoy your day at the spa or go snorkelling. Therefore, you will be assured of an action-packed holiday with plenty of things to do. It is going to get a bit overwhelming and you will not know what activities to pick for your kids!

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