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How An Adventure Trip To Nature Expands Your Horizon, Frees Your Mind While Boosting Your Fitness

Packing 3 Mind and Body Goals into a day off and out is brilliant for your health.

By Rob Hourmont Published 2 years ago 4 min read
Virgin Beach, Bali

Yesterday I randomly decided I needed a break from the rat race. I hopped on my motorbike and drove north.

I grabbed a few things, stuck them in the bike’s trunk — off I went.

I didn’t have a destination in mind. I just knew nature was calling — it was time to listen.

Once I’d left my area, I was on the highway thinking, ok, where to mate?!

Then a funny thought came to me.

Let’s go back to the place you went to on your “honeymoon” 2 years ago, without my now divorced wife. It will be fun!

I remember that I liked the area but didn’t take in too much. Off to Candidasa, I went.


Candidasa is a beautiful little village on the coast of North East Bali, in the Karangasem region.

An hour and 30 minutes of exciting fast driving later, I arrived at the hotel I had stayed at before. Let’s check it out and see if I’m comfortable.

The owner remembered me and gave me a beachfront cottage, 5 steps down to the sea.

I was happy, so I laid my hat for the night.

An excellent grilled squid dinner and a couple of glasses of wine later, and I was back at my pad, relaxing and listening to the waves gently crash.

My mind released all my stress, and I felt at peace, alone in paradise.

Candidasa beach at Sunset

I’ve had a lot on my plate of late, working all hours and no time for myself.

That’s why my brain said, nature — it’s time to free your mind again, and re-set!

The Morning Routine.

I awoke early on Sunday morning to the sound of the waves. The ocean is right there in front of my room — I had to go and get in!

But first, lots of water and coffee. That’s my daily first thing in the morning fix.

Off I went and jumped into the sea. I swam and floated around for 30 minutes. Not to exercise, but to enjoy the water therapy and beauty surrounding me.

Walking back to my room, I feel my energy level rising and my happiness too!

Heaven on earth.

I knew this was going to be an exciting day.

Virgin Beach.

An hour later, I’m showered, packed, and ready to head to a secret spot called Virgin Beach — 10 minutes north.

Virgin Beach is one of Bali’s most stunning white-sand beaches, with clear turquoise water. And, besides the small local cafe owners, hardly a soul was there.

Stunning Beaches

Bliss to the mind!

The walk down to the beach is a bit of a trek, down a small dirt path and many steps. A fantastic little workout full of anticipation, knowing any minute you’ll see and be on the beach!

I found the owner of the cafe I went to 2 years ago. He remembered my name!

The Speargunner!

Another coffee and water were needed, followed by a 20-minute exploring walk of this 2-mile beach.

Walking and stimulating my mind completed.

The Session.

Next, the swim had to happen! I love swimming. It’s my favorite workout after walking. In I went and banged out 5 x 20 seconds swim sprints, with 1-minute breaks between sets.

Everyone, there must have thought I’m nuts. It’s hot and the middle of the day at this point. All the other beach patrons (maybe 10) are lying on their beach beds sipping beer.

Not me — I worked out, and it took me all of 15-minutes to complete.

Then comes to treat to the soul. A beautifully grilled fresh-caught Snapper fish with salad and the local coconut oil as my dressing. No rice for me, thanks!

The cafe owner’s son spear hunts their daily catch. It can’t get any fresher and more impressive than that. All for $5! Incredible!

Final Stage — Driving back south.

As I’m starting to head back south, I remember the Karangasem region specializing in making great local products. I go on the hunt to find them.

Virgin Coconut Oil — Sea Salt & Arak.

Buying Coconut Oil & Arak

Arak is Bali’s local spirit made from palm trees. I’m not sure how they do it, but they told me it’s made with palm tree sap.

The Saltmaker Lady!

I find all three products, buy them and head home, happy as Larry!

In Summary.

I’ve been overdoing things lately. Working too hard and ended up feeling somewhat stressed and worn and torn. Nature called me, so I listened and went on a one-day adventure.

The pleasure and reward I was able to reap from this trip were stunning.

I explored a beautiful area, learned about it, met good people who cared for me. I worked out along the way, without going to work out.

My mindset changed from stress to relaxed, positive, and happy. I expanded my horizon and learned more about my favorite place, Bali.

That’s all it takes folks, get up, move, be adventurous on your day off — walk, move, look, listen, talk, eat and relax. Don’t be lazy!

Your body and mind will thank you for it. Now I’m ready for Monday to come and have a roaring week ahead!

Thanks for reading,



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Blogger | Writer | Nutritionist | Health Coach | former Olympic Skier. I wish to inspire, inform and help others build a stronger mind & body, and live a fulfilled life!

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