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Hattusha Antique City


By MecePublished 12 days ago 2 min read

Hattusha Antique City, also known as the Hittite capital, is located in central Anatolia, Turkey, near the modern city of Boğazkale in the province of Çorum. It was the capital of the Hittite Empire, which was one of the most powerful empires of the ancient world. Hattusha was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 and has since become a popular tourist destination.

The history of Hattusha dates back to the Bronze Age, around 2000 BC, when it was a small settlement. It was later abandoned and then reoccupied by the Hittites in the 17th century BC. The city was then developed into a major political and cultural center, serving as the capital of the Hittite Empire until its collapse in the 12th century BC.

The city was surrounded by walls that were over 8 kilometers long, making it one of the largest fortified cities of its time. The walls were constructed using a technique called cyclopean masonry, which involves the use of large stones that are not cut into regular shapes. The walls had several gates, including the Lion Gate and the King's Gate, which were decorated with stone sculptures and reliefs.

Inside the walls of Hattusha, there were several temples, palaces, and administrative buildings. The most impressive of these was the Great Temple, which was dedicated to the Hittite storm god Teshub. The temple was built on a raised platform and was surrounded by a courtyard. The walls of the temple were decorated with reliefs of Hittite gods and goddesses.

The city also had several palaces, including the Great Palace and the Lion Gate Palace. The Great Palace was the largest and most important palace in the city. It had several courtyards, halls, and rooms, and was the residence of the Hittite king. The palace was decorated with wall paintings and reliefs that depicted scenes from Hittite mythology and daily life.

The Lion Gate Palace was another important palace in Hattusha. It was located near the Lion Gate and was named after the lion sculptures that decorated the gate. The palace was smaller than the Great Palace but was still impressive. It had several courtyards and rooms, and was probably used as the residence of a Hittite prince.

In addition to the temples and palaces, Hattusha also had several administrative buildings, including the city's archive. The archive was a complex of buildings that housed thousands of clay tablets that contained administrative, legal, and literary texts. These tablets are the most important source of information about the Hittite Empire and have provided valuable insights into the culture, religion, and politics of the Hittites.

The decline of the Hittite Empire led to the abandonment of Hattusha in the 12th century BC. The city was later rediscovered by archaeologists in the early 20th century, and excavation work began in the 1930s. The excavations revealed the impressive remains of the city's walls, temples, palaces, and administrative buildings.

Today, Hattusha is a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors from all over the world. The site has been carefully restored and preserved, allowing visitors to experience the grandeur of the Hittite Empire. The most popular attractions in Hattusha include the Great Temple, the Great Palace, the Lion Gate Palace, and the city's walls and gates.

In conclusion, Hattusha Antique City is an impressive archaeological site that provides a unique insight into the history and culture of the Hittite Empire. The city's walls, temples, palaces, and administrative buildings are a testament to the Hittites' engineering, architectural.

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