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Essential Winter Hiking Gear

Amir Shemony lists some essential winter hiking gear to use this year and in the years to come.

By Amir ShemonyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Essential Winter Hiking Gear
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With the winter season in full swing, outdoor enthusiasts have had to embrace wintery activities once more, often found in the form of skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. One outdoor activity that typically sees an uptick in summer is hiking. However, many individuals choose to pursue this hobby even in the cold. To do so successfully, experts recommend the following essential winter hiking gear items.

Insulated Jacket

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that warmth is essential to any outdoor winter excursion. While hiking, it is recommended to bring along an insulated jacket to protect against windy conditions and keep your inner layers safe from the snow’s moisture. While you’ll likely be wearing insulating layers underneath, the outermost layer should be as protective as possible.

This outerwear can provide warmth in some of the coldest climates. As you work up your body heat from exercising outdoors, you’ll be provided with even more warmth to last you the duration of your hike. An insulated jacket is a great place to start when stocking up on layers to brace the cold.

Insulated Hiking Boots

If you were planning on trekking through snow, it would be a wise idea to invest in some insulated hiking boots. This footwear will help keep your toes as warm as possible, as this area of your body is often the first to grow numb when exposed to low temperatures for an extended period of time. Insulated hiking boots will be your best bet for avoiding frostbite and keeping your entire body warm.

Depending on the geographic location you find yourself in, you may even want to consider investing in waterproof hiking boots in case you have to cross any shallow rivers or are wanting to ward off the rain. Getting your feet wet can result in you feeling colder. Therefore, the more preventive measures you take, the better likelihood of staying warm.

Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are often associated with summertime, where the constant heat reminds us of the sun’s presence. However, they can be of even more assistance during the winter months, especially if there is fresh snow on the ground. The combination of the sunshine and the pristine white covering of powder can create a blinding effect on your eyes. This effect is best combatted by wearing polarized sunglasses, which can be of great aid on a long hike.

Regular sunglasses are a great combative measure to take in protecting your eyes, but polarized sunglasses are known for having an even greater effect, especially if you plan on being outside for long durations of time.


As mentioned earlier, your toes can often take the worst effects of the cold. If you wish to keep them warm and toasty throughout the entirety of your hike, you should consider buying a pack of toe-warmers. Most toe-warmers attach to the bottom of your feet and can stay warm for up to six to eight hours. Given the longevity of single-use toe-warmers, this transportable item is especially helpful when taking extended winter hiking trips.

If you pack an excess amount of toe-warmers, you might even consider using them for your hands, neck, or other sensitive areas that might feel the effects of the cold. It is not a bad idea to stock up on these useful items, as they can provide you with a great deal of warmth.


Given the snowy and slippery conditions of some trails in the winter months, hikers should highly consider adding microspikes to their packs in preparation for these trails. Microspikes can easily be hooked onto the bottom of your boots or sneakers, creating the tread needed to tackle the winter conditions and gain more control over your stride.

Also referred to as crampons, these add-ons are of great assistance to winter hikers, while those attempting a hike without them may have to turn back when they reach an icy part of the trail.

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