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Corona Virus Bali

by Benjamin K.D 12 months ago in travel advice

Is it ok to travel to Bali currently?

Corona Virus Bali
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As I sit in my lovely resort villa in the heart of Ubud, Bali I thought it would be prompt to take the time to detail the current feelings and state of travel in Bali as of the 13th of February 2020.

Quick information about me, I am a experienced tour guide, driver and tourism business owner based in Australia with over 10 years experience. Before you call me out on protecting the industry I would like to say my work is for those coming INTO the Australia not leaving.

So using my experience throughout my many tours in Bali I have obtain a first hand Australian perspective on the current climate here in Bali.

The following information is gathered from first hand experiences and talking to local guides in an effort to answer some questions travellers may have.

Upon arriving in Bali at the International airport we exited the plane and had standard arrival process. Being no over the top saftey precautions or delays due to the Corona Virus besides a small yellow slip of paper stating "If you are sick, Please contact the nearest health service facility immediately by bringing this card". (See picture attached)

We were greeted by our driver and followed him to the vehicle, my partner and I have booked private transfers through Discova (Owned by Flight Centre Australia).

After waiting a short time the driver met us with his vehicle and we loaded the luggage into the back and sat down.

The driver then turned around and offered us free face masks and hand sanitiser which we happily accepted.

Driving to our hotel we noticed a few people with masks but none more than would be normal back in Australia outside of the Corona Virus.

Once we arrived at our first hotel in Benoa, we unloaded our luggage and said goodbye to the driver. Inside we were greeted and again offered hand sanitiser.

This seems to be a trend throughout our entire stay as of yet with most reputable companies in Bali offering either a mask, a squirt of santiser or a whole bottle for free.

Places we got offered free sanitiser or face masks.

● Massage spas (Even the super cheap)

● Hotels

● Reputable taxi or private transfers

● Licensed Restaurants

● Tours involving Push Bikes, Scooters and ATVs

Through my current stay I questioned many local guides on the impact the Corona Virus has had on Bali tourism.

The message was clear, the virus has slowed down tourism due to travellers fearing getting sick.

As of this writing their has been an alleged case of Corona Virus from a Chinese national travelling from Shanghai to Bali on Garuda airlines and that passenger left Bali on the 28th of January.

Outside of this case we found the general public and businesses have done as much as they could with limited resources to protect tourists.

The working class spending extra on sanitiser and face masks to protect their main source of income.

The tourism flow has slowed so less people are walking around the streets or attending tours, we visited local waterfalls today and did not see another tourist for at least two hours! Again this decline in tourists was lowering the chances of the virus spreading to tourists.

My partner and I have another 3 days left, so we are going to make the most of it, as we are confident that good hygene practices will protect us.

I do not see any reason for Australians to not travel to Bali, but now you know the current climate you can make your own decision.

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Benjamin K.D

travel advice
Benjamin K.D
Benjamin K.D
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