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Candlelight Dinner on Yacht in Dubai

by Maria Lindsay 10 months ago in travel tips
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Candlelight dinners are special. Whether you want to make up to your close ones or spend some quality time, a romantic dinner is always soothing. What can make it more of a feel-good factor? Enjoying it on a luxury yacht!

A candle-lit dinner with your better half could be something that we all crave in our hectic days where we don’t get time to sit back and talk.

For a pleasant evening like that, Dubai Marina is one of the best places to help you move away from city chaos & live the moment to the fullest. Yachts and beautiful Gulf waters adorn the magnificent city of Dubai. The view from a yacht deck not only pleases your eyes but also will please your soul.

Do you feel your romantic life is taking a backseat because of your busy schedule and endless meetings and work travel? It’s important to plan exciting trips and dates with your partner to refresh your mundane relationship. Cruising in Dubai sounds like a fun idea when you want to pamper your one and only, it’s exotic, super-fun, and classy.

A good date does a lot for a relationship and a romantic dinner cruise is surely a big YES. Dates and candlelight dinners have always gone hand in hand and experiencing it on a Yacht would be a much-needed boost to your experience.

Rent a private yacht in Dubai and get your table set, candles lit, while you relish the mouth-smacking food on the deck. Prepared by the best chefs who would make you lick your fingers with the best Arabic cuisine with a 4-course or 5-course meal, enjoy it with fine wine.

For events like this, Champion Yachts have specific yachts & cruises which you can book for your own & spend some private time with your loved ones. Get your personalized deck decorated for the love of your life as you sit down for a world-class candlelight dinner on a yacht. Sounds amazing right?

Don’t worry, you get everything on a budget. In case you want to get rid of all the arrangements, we have ready-made packages for you, select the one that would make your evening better.

Ask our team to decorate the deck based on the special event; be it your date, birthday of your special ones, anniversary, etc. & make a moment that you would cherish lifelong. Our crew members know the exact spots that would give you the best view as you sip the drink of your choice on board.

Want to capture the beautiful evening? Don’t worry we got you covered for this as well. We have in-house photographers who would click the best picture with the mesmerizing backdrop of Dubai’s beauty that you can save for a lifetime.

The romantic experience also brings in a couple of more activities and packages, if you wish to explore a little bit of fun. Go for an overnight stay on yacht and revive for a fun-packed time the day after.

Water Sports in Dubai

Water Adventure Rides in Dubai

Dubai is fun if you love to spend time in the Gulf waters then Dubai has great water sports stocked to entertain your stay in Dubai. A vacation is incomplete without adventure; add some thrill to your trip to Dubai with Champion Yachts.

Dive into the blue waters when the temperature is soothing and the sky is clear to enjoy the water sports. Underwater diving has been the most wanted and most preferred water sport in Dubai due to the warm and hot climate which suits the best to dive deep inside the sea. If you are someone who just wants to enjoy the water with thrill, try snorkeling.

And yes, with us you are safe. :)

We have trained supervisors who will guide you throughout the sport for your safety. All you have to do is just book your registration with Champion Yachts and we have all the arrangements done for you.

We have all the equipment to keep you equipped for any water sports you wish you for. We have packages prepared for you, either choose that serves your water sports craze, or customize it according to your adventure crave.

Champion Yachts provides amazing food and beverages to relish as you indulge yourself in the waters. The trained members of our crew would make sure you are supplied with everything you want on your deck.

Plan a candlelight dinner in Dubai with Champion Yachts with the love of your life. It could be an overwhelming one if planned as a surprise. We are sure the sparkle in their eyes would be worth it.

Sorted? Yes. Champion Yachts have experience of over a decade of making evenings happening for hundreds of people. If you wish the same, reach us without any delay.

Reach us at +971 58 580 1481 | [email protected]

Visit our website here: www.championyachts.ae

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