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Bukit Holbung: Enjoying the Beauty of Nature in North Sumatra

Exploring the Scenic Bukit Holbung in North Sumatra - Indonesia

By Zaura RizkyaPublished 9 months ago β€’ 6 min read
Top Story - March 2023
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Bukit Holbung is one of the hills located on the edge of Lake Toba, in Samosir Regency - Indonesia. You must be familiar with this largest lake in Indonesia, right? Not only famous for its legendary story, Lake Toba is also known for its natural beauty. Tourists can enjoy the lake's panorama from the top of this hill.

The hills here have a characteristic of grass that can change color according to the season. During the rainy season, tourists will be presented with a view of green savanna fields. Meanwhile, during the dry season, the grass and weeds in this place will turn yellow, giving a different view.

This beautiful view tourist spot also offers a peaceful atmosphere and cool air due to its high altitude. For those of you who want to enjoy the moment of sunrise and sunset, Bukit Holbung can be the right tourist destination.

The Attraction of Bukit Holbung

1. Hill Landscape

This natural hill tourism offers a stunning natural panorama. You can see the surrounding area with a row of hills that look charming with refreshing green colors.

In the Bukit Holbung tourism area itself, there are also 8 hill peaks. The hills that seem lined up add to the beauty of the scenery presented to tourists. In addition, the view of residential areas and small rice fields seen from the hilltops.

2. Magnificence of Lake Toba

The natural panorama with Lake Toba as the background is the magnet of this tourist spot. Many tourists visit the hill area to see the lake from a height. Not only local tourists, but many foreign tourists also visit this exotic tourist destination.

The vast lake with its bluish surface presents a calming view. The lake is so vast that it looks like it merges with the blue sky at its end. Creating beauty that will amaze anyone who sees it.

3. Green Grass Fields

When you're at Bukit Holbung, you won't find tall trees along the hiking trail. Instead, you'll be greeted with vast green grass fields swaying in the wind. The grass fields cover all eight peaks of the hill and mesmerize the eyes.

However, because there are no big trees in this area, the weather on the hill can be scorching, especially on clear days. There are no trees to shelter hikers from the sun.

4. Peaceful Atmosphere

At around 900 meters above sea level, the peak of Bukit Holbung is the perfect place to find peace, especially on weekdays when there are not too many visitors.

When your body is tired and fatigued from work or daily routines, you can find solace in a place like this and return home with a fresh body and mind. The location is also spacious, so you don't have to worry about being disturbed by other visitors.

The place is quite far from residential areas, making it suitable for those who are tired of the city's daily noise. In addition, the gentle breeze adds to the melancholy atmosphere.

5. Sunrise and Sunset Panoramas

The natural scenery is the main attraction of Bukit Holbung. One of them is the stunning sunset view. The orange hue and the sunset sky behind the lake and hills offer a dramatic view.

In the morning, you can witness the sunrise panorama. The breathtaking natural scenery in the morning is adorned with white clouds covering the lake with hills appearing from behind the clouds. It becomes even more beautiful when the sun starts to emerge, and its rays penetrate the white clouds around the lake.

Interesting Activities to Do in Bukit Holbung

1. Hiking the Hill

Hiking is an enjoyable activity for some people. However, for those who have never hiked a mountain, they can try hiking a hill that is not too tiring. One of them is hiking Bukit Holbung, which is famous for its view of Lake Toba and green grassland.

Although it still requires energy, hiking on this hill is not too high and can be completed in about 20-30 minutes to reach the peak. The hiking route is not too dangerous, only a few climbs, descents, and turns at some points. However, the hiking route will be more extreme for tourists who want to reach the 8th peak of this hill.

Before starting the hike, tourists should prepare themselves physically and mentally. Although it is not a long hike, the route to Bukit Holbung is a savanna field, which means the sun's heat can directly hit your body. Use a hat, sunglasses, and other heat protectors to be more comfortable while hiking.

Choose sturdy and comfortable footwear for hiking. Don't forget to bring drinking water and snacks for hiking and when you reach the top later. You can take breaks to rest if you have never hiked before so that you won't get too tired.

2. Enjoying the View

Photo : googlemaps/ Yogi Pradesya

While hiking the hill, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides. So the hiking trip won't be too tiring if you do it casually like this. The grass and weeds here are quite high, so they will look beautiful when hit by the wind.

The most beautiful view of Bukit Holbung is, of course, at its peak. Tourists can enjoy the stunning natural panorama of Lake Toba, hills, residential areas, and rice fields more freely from the top of the hill.

3. Camping at Bukit Holbung

Photo : Googlemaps/ Ari Yansyah

The beauty of the natural surroundings and the tranquil atmosphere make tourists want to stay longer at Bukit Holbung. If you feel like not wanting to leave, just prepare IDR 10,000 or equivalent to around one dollar to set up a tent and spend the night on this hill. Many tourists are interested in camping here because of its safe location and the beautiful views around it. For those who want to camp here, don't forget to bring food from below. Remember not to leave any trash after camping here.

At night, the air in the camping ground will be cooler, so tourists should be prepared with a jacket or warm clothes. After passing the night, tourists can wake up earlier to wait for the sunrise. The sunrise view at the top of the hill will be the end of your camping journey at Bukit Holbung.

4. Hunting for sunset

If with camping, tourists can see the sunrise, then for other tourists, they can hunt for the sunset at this place. You can come in the late afternoon before sunset to see the beauty of the sun setting from the top of the hill.

Come when the weather is clear so you can see the beautiful sunset here. If it is rainy season, it will be more difficult to see the sunset because of the many clouds and possibly fog. If the temperature around the hill drops, thin fog will envelop the area, making it difficult for tourists to enjoy the view.

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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydred4 months ago

    Hi we are featuring your excellent Top Story in our Community Adventure Thread in The Vocal Social Society on Facebook and would love for you to join us there

  • Fiona Lenz8 months ago

    I love learning about more places and things to do in Indonesia apart from the usual attractions in Bali. Hope to visit one day!

  • Great Insight β€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸ˜‰πŸ’―

  • Roy Stevens9 months ago

    I was lucky enough to visit Lake Toba in 1996 and absolutely loved it! What a beautiful place with an amazing history. Many people don't seem to know about the Mt. Toba explosion 70,000 years ago that created the lake and almost wiped-out humanity. One of the reasons we're all so alike is due to the genetic bottleneck created by the eruption and volcanic winters that followed. It reduced our species to less than 2,000 breeding pairs hanging on in what is now South Africa! Great write-up and good memories of being there- thank you.

  • SAID EL MARDI9 months ago

    it's an eye-candy view, thanks for sharing with us!

  • Donna Renee9 months ago

    It certainly does sound beautiful. 😁

  • aly suhail9 months ago

    Great reading, beautiful places.

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