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Bookcrossing - An excellent way to share books and to connect with people

This is how I've started to share books that travel the world.

By Jair RibeiroPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Bookcrossing - An excellent way to share books and to connect with people
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I believe a book should not be condemned to stay on a bookshelf, imprisoned by a single owner. Books should be free to travel to other hands, eager to explore them and learn from their authors' ideas endlessly.

When I write a book, my main objective is to share knowledge and culture, exchange it with others, and I always have in mind also those who cannot afford to buy books, giving them a chance to read. 

I always put a lot of effort into keeping books in circulation, and that's why I am so enthusiastic about bookcrossing.!

What is Bookcrossing?

Bookcrossing is a novel method of popularizing books and reading by transferring them for free using the "pass it on" method, an unusual phenomenon aimed at bringing reading enthusiasts together.

A circulating book was conceived in the United States in 2001 by computer programmer Ron Hornbaker. He dubbed his concept "bookcrossing."

Bookcrossing is the practice of leaving read books in public places and specially designed shelves (tables, shelves, showcases, open-air libraries) so that the finder can read and circulate them again. These activities aim to create a global library for readers, free of institutional frameworks, fees, and library cards.

"A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on, you are enriched threefold." - Henry Miller - The Books In My Life (1969)

The concept of bookcrossing is based on the belief that literature should be widely distributed. Books must travel and circulate from hand to hand to live and fulfill their purpose. The critical thing to remember about this journey is that they are read. They are not just shelf decorations; they have become widely available. So they exist because they educate, entertain, and surprise us.

A movement with a beautiful purpose

Bookcrossing allows you to share books, exchange them for others, give those who cannot afford to buy books a chance to read, keep books in circulation, and follow books' journey because the Internet monitoring system allows you to observe the path of the released volume.

Bookcrossing connects millions of reading enthusiasts worldwide, primarily young people who are familiar with the technology. Still, it is also for people unfamiliar with computers and enjoys exchanging books with one another.

Today, we have over 17 thousand tables and bookcrossing shelves where you can leave books or borrow them. They work in libraries, cultural and educational institutions, youth clubs, open-air libraries, pubs and restaurants, health care facilities, shopping malls, and tourist attractions.

How I am spreading dozens of My Books with Bookcrossing

When I started writing books, I imagined my paperback books traveling worldwide, hand in hand, once they were read. And bookcrossing is an excellent way to make this dream a reality, even in these difficult times.

I registered my books on the website bookcrossing.com. After following the portal's instructions, my books were assigned a unique BIP number, which aids in identification and allows me to track their subsequent journey.

It is not difficult or complicated to proceed with the book's journey so that anyone can devote a minute to it - and give genuine satisfaction to the person who released the volume. 

In this simple way, we can discover, to our surprise, that our book has left the city, province, and possibly even the country.


I am looking forward to donating and sharing many of my books through the bookcrossing movement, and I hope this concept gains more promoters and followers.

For me, there is a rewarding pleasure in sharing literature, fostering reader relationships, and providing an effective means of integration.

And I hope that my books will be released by bookcrossers in my city and around the world, allowing many more people to read, learn, and share their experiences.


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