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Bay of Bengal

A Journey into Tranquility, Adventure, and Hidden Wonders Along the Bay of Bengal

By AhnafSorwar LabibPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Cox’s Bazar is a District in the Chittagong Division, which is popular for its longest unbroken sandy sea beach. It is located 150 km south of the Chittagong port. The sea beach of Cox's Bazar is 121 kilometres long, making it the longest sea beach in the world. Cox’s Bazar was named after its founder, Captain Cox. He discovered this very attractive seashore in 1798. Afterwards, the Cox’s Bazar beach hosted only a small port and health resort.

Despite being the longest beach in the world, it has been the least crowded among the other popular beaches of the world. Here, tourists can enjoy the relaxing breeze of the Bay of Bengal and the calmness of the place. The Cox’s Bazar beach certainly can provide the finest leisure to each of its visitors. Tourists can take a timely stroll along the lengthened stretch of the beach and enjoy the view of the amazing seascape. Visitors can also enjoy water sports activities like scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, paragliding or taking a boat ride deep into the sea.

The sight of the seemingly limitless body of water stretching out to the horizon is breathtaking, and the sound of the waves breaking on the coast can reset one's imagination of being free. You cannot help but feel at peace and wonder whether you are strolling along the glistening soft, golden sandy beach, basking in the sun, or just gazing out at the water. Then there is the sea breeze, which carries a sense of freedom wherever it flows. It beckons you to set sail and explore the world beyond as it whispers tales of far-off locations and horizons.

Speaking of exploring, lonely beach spots are waiting to be explored, with no souls crowding the shimmering sunset. And if you have somehow managed to catch a glimpse of a full moon smiling upon the tranquil sea at night, then the view you experienced is nothing short of a scene straight from a movie or a fairytale. The bay has faced that change with the season. Whether it is a cold winter night, a stormy early morning, or a calm spring afternoon, Cox's Bazar has something different for every other shade of the day and season.

The sea's utter majesty grasps you most fortuitously. Some might compare a mountain's gargantuan beauty with the ocean's ceaseless ripples, forming hauntingly beautiful patterns. But why choose between the two? The distinctive terrain of Cox's Bazar is one feature that makes it stand out. Unbeknownst to seasonal tourists, the undiscovered grassy hills past the Himchori spot, facing the ever-raging waves of the Bay of Bengal on a cloudy day, are something to live for again and again.

If the visitors get bored with the sea beach, there are also other wonderful places to see around Cox’s Bazar beach. One of the spots is the beautiful Himchori waterfall, located 18 kilometres south of Cox’s Bazar town. This is the most visited place in the district, with its beautiful refreshing green hills and the wonderful waterfall, where visitors can shower.

Another attraction is Moheshkhali Island near the Cox’s Bazar town's coast. The island can be reached via speedboat, where visitors can view the breathtaking view of the hilly island. The bright green colour of its mangrove forest will surely amaze everyone who comes to see the place. This is the next best thing to explore after one’s beach trip.

If you traverse beyond the local tourist spots, there is an entirely different Cox's Bazar waiting for you. Exotic local cuisines, like mundi in a local market and various dishes of seafood and fish made by fishermen, are within the reach of anyone willing to explore unconventionally.

A tourist can also talk to locals; and learn about the unheard places from people who live there besides being glued to Google, and who knows, you might have an enchanting experience of your own. The universe has a way of communicating, whether through a series of fortunate or unfortunate events, ambiguous signs, or sheer raw beauty. If anyone observes his or her surroundings, he or she will know.

Such experiences can push anyone far and beyond to get the life an adventurer has always wanted; to be free. Free of a cubicle, free to run to heed the enchanting call of the sea. Anyone can experience the instances mentioned above if one is willing to go out of one's comfort zone.

Cox’s Bazar is one of the hidden gems for travel-thirsty people who seek serene, sober, and relaxing vacations. Every Cox’s Bazar trip will surely please and satisfy everyone who visits, as it is a place to visit again and again.

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