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By Michelle RisbeckPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Perth City Australia

Australia is blessed with some wonderful cities that offer up so much to do. From world class restaurants to interesting museums, and to vibrant night lives, you will never be short of something to see and do. While Sydney and Melbourne are among the most obvious destinations, there are plenty of other great cities to consider in Australia.

We have listed six cities in total but you will also find plenty of others to enjoy should you have already these.


Ask anyone to name an Australian city and you can bet the first they say is Sydney. This city is modern, sophisticated, and gives you plentiful opportunities for sightseeing and activities. You could hit the famous beaches in Sydney, check out the Blue Mountains, or go to some of the more popular tourist attractions.

The Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are top of most peoples list when it comes to sights but we also highly recommend taking a trip to Bondi Beach.


Considered the city of culture in Australia, Melbourne is another top destination choice. Packed full of coffee shops, historical architecture, and wildlife, visitors can be sure of an entertaining visit. Whether you like a relaxing vacation or prefer a bit of nightlife, Melbourne is able to provide both aplenty.

Top picks would include checking out the street art the city is famous for, a visit to the National Gallery, and taking a trip to Phillip Island.


For plenty more culture, one of Australia’s oldest cities is well worth checking out. It provides everything that you could ask for including beaches, the Brisbane River, islands, and of course the bustling city centre. This is a great option if you want an action packed Australian vacation.

The South Bank, Mount Coot-tha, Moreton Bay, and the Story Bridge are must-see sights that we recommend you visit.


Perth might not be as popular as some of the cities above but it has been growing in popularity with holiday makers in recent years. It is easy to see why too when you consider the fabulous beaches, modern restaurants and bars, and the large number of vineyards and orchards.

We recommend taking a look at Kings Park, Cottesloe, Mettams Pool, and of course, Swan Valley whilst in Perth. Also consider limo hire Perth as a great way to get around as you are taking in the wonderful sight of this city.


Offering an artsy vibe, Adelaide is where you want to go for quality food, museums, and vineyards. It might not get the same attention that the likes of Sydney does, for example, but you really do not want to miss out on nature, wildlife, and the glorious vineyards that this city has to offer.

If we had to suggest some top picks, we would have to suggest the National Wine Centre, Cleland Wildlife Park, Kangaroo Island, and the Art Gallery of South Australia.


Probably the least known city on this list is Cairns but containing the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, is a city that has to be visited at least once in your lifetime. This city is all about sea life and nature. As well as the reef, there are numerous rainforests and wetlands that just have to be explored.

As for our suggestions, the Great Barrier Reef is easily number one but you should also visit Green Island and Fitzroy island swim in Crystal Cascades and check out the numerous rainforests.


Australia is a large country that offers up a wide range of options when it comes to cities to visit. The six we have listed above offer the best experience in our opinion but there are many others to choose from too. What we like is that each city offers something unique to the rest. That means that you can expect something different from each that you visit.

We suggest doing one city at a time rather than trying to fit in a few of them during your stay, Unless you are in Australia for months, there is no way that you will be able to get the full experience of the cities.


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