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Tempt Your Customer into Repeat Purchases

Promotions, Loyalty, and Newsletters

By Michelle RisbeckPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

Although it may seem tempting consumer into making a purchase is immorale instead we would like to think that if people do not have the money, then they are not going to buy. While, the whole idea of ‘temptation’ into purchases is to give your customers value on their purchase – therefore you are giving them something they want/need at a better rate than they would get shopping elsewhere.

There are numerous ways you can encourage additional purchases that will satisfy your customers, and we are going to cover just few of them.

Check out how Investopedia describes ‘Repeat Business’ or ‘Repeat Sales’.

In the Investopedia explanation, it explains that “return customers tend to spend about 300% more than one-time buyers” – those are the fact in any industry whether you are online or offline business. As a result, is well worth your while looking at ways to not only encourage repeat sales but also look after those that continuously make purchases from your business.

Loyalty Points

This is the oldest trick in the book. If you have a fair loyalty program in place, then people will continue to come back to use your service. Some companies like supermarkets will give customers $1.00 cashback for every 100 points gained. Bearing in mind 1 point should be worth $1, that is a 1% cashback effectively. Over time some customer will find themselves with a hefty points haul.

You can also use the loyalty points for discount promos. For example, get double loyalty points for Mother’s Day or triple your loyalty points when you buy Hugo Boss branded t-shirts. If you are content company, then you could giveaway promo deals on content – for example, Christmas and New Year can be quiet for content businesses, so ‘triple loyalty points for orders between 24 and 31 December may bring in some extra business and help you customers pick up loyalty points.

It is also a good idea to have your loyalty points expire at some point. For example, the terms and conditions could be saying ‘If you do not make a purchase within 3 months’ loyalty points expire.

Make sure you dedicate a clearly laid page with loyalty reward benefits, how to earn loyalty points, and how to claim them. Use infographics where possible, and make sure there are links to this resource page in the menu, footer, and site map.

Lastly, you can add levels to your loyalty points clubs. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Starbucks loyalty rewards program does this and it has proven remarkably successful. The idea is that the higher the customer’s level, the better the rewards are. Rightly so too because those that spend the most money at your eComm store deserve a thank you for keeping your business running.

Check out how Starbucks uses loyalty points to attract repeat sales.

Promotional Deals

We really do not need to go too deeply into promotional deals because we all know what they are. We see them all time whether it is a ‘Sale’, ‘Promotions’, ‘Special Offer’, or ‘Discount’. In essence, they all mean the same thing.

The timing of your promotions is one of the most critical aspects of using this strategy. It is all very well just putting on sale, but you can foster more sales if you put on sales at the right time. Some eComm companies put on Christmas deals at the beginning of December instead of waiting until boxing day.

In the casino industry they use welcome bonus deals for new members or continuous deals where players get money back for their deposits. Now we can learn a lot from the way online casinos market to their customers. You can also refer to some casino’s loyalty rewards programs for ideas too.

In the end, your promotions need to stand out, look for the opportunity to offer discount deals before high street stores and your competitors and make sure you hire a reliable web designer and talented graphic designer to adjust your website and social media platforms for seasonal promo deals.

Check out how c9betwin promotional deals help to attract new customers.

Newsletters and Blogs

Making sure that your customers are always aware of promotions, loyalty points opportunities, and new products is a tough job because you can rarely guarantee that they will visit your website every day or at least once a month.

The only sure-fire ways to make sure consumers are continually reminded that your eComm site exists is by send a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter. Now there is an art to doing this because you do not want to send too many emails to the point where the customer become immune to seeing them.

Catchy subjects, and emails to the point with links to different areas on your website are important. For example, if you have a promotion on jeans, then include a link to the discounted jeans. Deals on loyalty points should link to a promotions page and the loyalty rewards page on your website.

There is no reason why the newsletter should not have several links with catchy sub-headings that catch the reader’s attention so he or she can navigate to the part of the newsletter that applies to them. By using multiple heading in a single newsletter, you can appeal to multiple audiences. The subject of the email could be ‘Multiple Deals For You On Our Most Popular Products’.

Alternatively, there may times when you want a specific deal to be advertised. By covering just one particular product deal or event in your newsletter, you can be more specific with your newsletter email subject and title.

Now all we have done here is introduce the concept of email marketing. There is actually a lot more to it than this. There are so many strategies you can use and software programs that can show you how many people open your newsletter or newsletter emails, where they clicked, how long they spent reading it, and whether the newsletter resulted in a purchase.

Check out this Forbes report on Email Marketing.


Repeat customers should make up for at least 70% of your sales. However, to build a loyal following of repeat customer you need to smart.

Implementing strategies such as ‘loyalty rewards’ and ‘promotional’ deals that offer value for purchases will go a long way towards encouraging those that connect with your brand to make another purchase. Meanwhile, you will need to make sure you make your customers are aware of the ‘added value’ opportunities your store offers using tactics such as newsletter, while you could also use other strategies that include social media which we did not cover in this guide.

To sum up, we have only touched on the basics here. To take the tips suggested here that one-step further, check out some of the resources to get ideas and start to plan how your business can start to enhance its repeat business!


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