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Alonissos : The best destinations for diving

Greeke Island

By Alexandra TzourtziPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Alonissos is included in the list of the best destinations for diving, which occupies the first place. National Geographic's "A Diver's Guide To The World" is the result of years of research by distinguished authors who traveled all over the planet to come up with the 50 most impressive and quality diving destinations.

The list hosts destinations from Australia, New Zealand, Mozambique, Philippines, Malta, France, Seychelles, Ecuador, Belize, Indonesia, Tanzania, Japan, United Kingdom, French Polynesia Madagascar, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, Chile, Curacao and many exotic islands. As stated in the guide "Alonissos acts as a true siren for scuba divers. Here every dive has the authentic feeling of exploration, adventure and rejuvenation."

The writers who had visited the island as part of a journalistic mission of the US EOT Office in collaboration with the Municipality of Alonissos, highlighted the natural marine park, the walking routes, the local cuisine, but also the prospect of opening new underwater museums in Alonissos.

"We are building day by day the new identity of the island as a destination for diving and special forms of tourism. It is a justification that every year we gain impressions internationally and capture larger shares from foreign markets. It is no coincidence that until the end of August last season, Alonissos recorded an increase of approximately 9% compared to 2019 and 30% compared to 2021, while the traffic was maintained until the first days of October", said the Mayor of Alonissos , Petros Vafinis.

Alonissos is a paradise on earth that will make you forget the doubts and misgivings you have about your vacation: "Where should I go?", "Vacations need money!", "And the children?". This green Aegean island with turquoise waters and natural beauty is the most suitable destination for rest, holidays with family or amore or even for a small personal excursion. In this article, you will see ideas and activities that you can do in Alonissos and the reasons why you should visit this island.

A few words about the island

Alonissos, otherwise known as "Ikos", belongs to the Sporades complex and its history in the Aegean dates back to the Middle Paleolithic era. An island with pure and authentic beauty that even Herodotus speaks of. Prominent personalities and civilizations of antiquity are said to have passed through there, such as Peleus, Philip, the Mycenaeans, the Romans and there is no stopping. The history of the island is long and this is evident to every visitor. Its inhabitants took care to preserve and highlight this pine paradise, the clear blue sea and the walking paths. Where time stops and imagination travels.

How to get to Alonissos

The ferry services to the port of Alonissos, Patitiri, are regular. In the port of Volos you will be able to book your next boat or dolphin and within 3-4.30 hours you will be on the beautiful island. During your trip you will have the opportunity to pass by other islands of the Sporades, such as Skiathos and Skopelos, as the distances between the islands are short and the possibility of short trips to the surrounding islands is easy.Alternatively, you can take one of the buses of the ferry companies from Athens that will take you to the port of Agios Konstantinoui Kymis and from there take the next boat to Alonissos. Of course, for those coming from far away, there is the possibility to fly to Skiathos airport and from there take a boat to Alonissos.

Where can you stay?

In Alonissos, accommodation may be the only thing that will not concern you. On the island there are beautiful hotels and villas at affordable prices that will leave you stunned with their beauty. Most hotels on the island have a swimming pool and some have minivans to pick up their customers from the port when they arrive. If nothing else, there are even Airbnbs at your disposal in case you prefer to feel like your own home.

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