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5 Magical Reasons to Visit South America

South America is very large, so you might not be sure where to start. Here are five wonderful destinations in South America to kick off your next vacation.

By Claire PetersPublished 5 years ago 2 min read

If you’re trying to plan your next vacation and aren’t sure what to do, consider South America. It’s a gorgeous continent full of history, incredible landscapes, and exciting adventures.

The History

Peru is full of incredible history, and there is nothing more historic or thrilling than the trek to Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail to the ancient city will give you a tour of mountains, wildlife, and old Inca ruins along your four-day journey to the city. You’ll experience incredible views and even walk through a “cloud forest” where the elevated plant life touches the clouds.

As if the trek itself weren’t enough, you’ll then experience the beautiful ruins of Machu Picchu properly. The city, which was built around 1450, is a World Heritage Site and a popular tourist spot.

The Landscapes

South America contains some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and one area with especially gorgeous views is the region of Patagonia. Patagonia is about 400,000 square miles and is found in both Argentina and Chile.

Patagonia weddings are quite popular and absolutely splendid, offering incredible landscapes for your wedding photos. The lakes, rivers, glaciers, and mountains can all come together for a wedding backdrop, offering you an unforgettable experience. Choose a national park and decide what views you would like to see as you promise your life to your loved one.

The Forests

South America is, of course, home to one of the most incredible forests in the world: The Amazon rainforest. This gorgeous area spans eight countries and includes 1.4 billion acres of forest, along with 4,100 miles of rivers.

Exploring the Amazon is the best way to appreciate the incredible natural beauty of South America and the wonderful wildlife the region houses. This area is so diverse that you often have to find a specific tour focusing on what you’re interested in, be it plant life, wildlife, or the history of the site. If you enjoy visiting your local forest, you will be in absolute awe of the Amazon.

The Glaciers

While known for its tropical rainforests, South America contains some incredible glaciers and tourists can easily explore glacial areas. Patagonia contains ice fields, which are the largest stretch of ice in the southern hemisphere outside of Antarctica.

Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina contains incredible mountains, glaciers, and glacial lakes, including Lake Argentino which is 160 kilometers long. You can even see slowly moving glaciers within this park, a sight that’s hard to find elsewhere unless you’re taking a vacation to the Earth’s poles.

The Beaches

Maybe you normally spend your vacations relaxing on the beach and don’t love the sound of anything truly adventurous. In that case, South America has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and they are perfect for your relaxing vacation.

If you love being in nature without any man-made buildings around, check out Lopes Mendes Beach in Brazil, which has beautiful clear water for two miles and no buildings in sight. If you’re a fan of watersports, you’ll want to visit Ecuador’s Montañita, a beach town where you can surf, scuba dive, windsurf, and waterski. There’s even Shell Beach in Guyana, with its incredible turtle populations.

Whatever type of beach you’re looking for, you’ll find it in South America.

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