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You get in life what you have the courage to ask for

by Archi Firm 2 years ago in relationships

We are formed by our relationship with ourselves

I am only a woman who has temporarily set her life aside to reflect on my personal experiences and ideas to share what I feel would inspire you to master your power. My motive is simply to aid you to tap into the source of your immeasurable creativity and sexuality to bring more joy and satisfaction into your everyday life. I have no intention to formulate a step by step guideline; because I believe happiness is prompted through inspiration rather than instruction.

What I write is not exclusively associated with your satisfaction of the level of living; rather, it is relative to how happiness can simply enhance every aspect of your life from moment to moment. I am fortunate to have had a variety of experiences which have evolved my artistic endeavors and have continued to open me to an inner vision that stimulates my own happiness expression. As women get older and life becomes inundated with responsibilities — work, relationships, bills — it's easy to daydream of the trouble-free days of being a teenager. Ah, who didn't love sleeping in until noon, looking fresh-faced without the need for concealer, and not having to worry about keeping up with a mortgage or ever-escalating rent? But the truth is, being a teenage girl isn't all that easy. As much as I enjoyed my high school years (for the most part, anyway), I wouldn't give back the wisdom and self-confidence I've built up in the years since for the chance to go back to girl squads, first loves, and begging my mom to buy me a dress and eventually Friday night fighting with my dad over not wearing the dress because from his eyes it was too sexual. In fact, neither would a lot of women. Here are the most annoying things about being a teenage girl as recalled by ladies at many different stages of life.

To the teenage girls of today: we know your struggle. When I was teenager, everything felt so tragic. Every argument with my mom, every boy who didn't like me, every friend who "forgot" to call me back the night before was enough to leave me curled up in my room listening to a sad, late-90s song by Pink Floyd and Anathema. Worse than feeling so many intense emotions, is being labeled "dramatic" because of them. Teen girls may appear dramatic to an outside observer but, these big feelings are an important part of their development. They need to be able to feel their feelings and be supported by the close adults in their lives. My other challenge in my teenage years was my appearance. I remember that I was skinny with no boobs and developing breast for me sounds like a dream come true. On the other hand, I had a big butt comparing to size of my waist and I remember some mean girls in my school got fun of my butt. Well, I would like to say many thanks to Kim Kardashian and specially Jennifer Lopez for making a big booty a fashion legend and something that right now I can be proud of! But It's taken me a long time to be happy with my body and for my confidence to grow to what it is today. As a teenager, I felt like everyone's life was cooler than mine, which resulted in a lot of isolation. The good news, though, is that it's a phase that every woman goes through and, if we're lucky, leaves us a bit stronger and wiser once we've made it through to the other side. But also caring too much about what others thought of me affected my self-esteem, which also was a challenge for me on my young ages (between 20-27).

So as I'm writing this book I want to ask all of you, all the girls out there relax and enjoy life as it comes to you. Don't look back, it doesn't matter if a boy didn't like me or if I was judged by other girls for what I was wearing or dating a bad boy. Building a positive self-image, despite the pressures of teen life is very important. I was taught the basic approach to writing an essay or a book is to first develop a theme by having an idea of what it is that we want to express. I was instructed to establish an outline that would determine the direction of the work before I ever began to write. Today, I no longer hold to following such method, especially since it is about happiness. I don't want to review my mistakes, my challenges, my emotions, what did make me cry and what did make me happy. I play in a state of child-like innocence who only cares about game and having fun. This book has evolved very much in the same manner. My life began in the east, and my longings prompted me to cross the ocean to the western shores of California to pursue my dream. My intention is to take you on a journey to wander into the spontaneity and mystery of allowing life to unfold as you remain available to limitless creative possibilities along the way. This process is similar to inviting the child within us to come out and play. We prepare for this by providing an inner atmosphere of freedom in which we may receive and express new perceptions and ideas, free of any sense of “doing it right,” and of course to manifest our dreams.

Many variables in life influence who we are and who we will eventually become. As we choose a direction or a path to follow, it helps to be conscious in selecting what is more significant to us. Everything that happens to us comes into play in determining our path in life. The outer journey is what is visible to others. So believe me when I say, everything that happen to you from your childhood to very this moment that you're reading this book is meant to be happened. Even if you're having a scar from falling of tree while you were 5 years old or a horrible date night with a complete douchebag. Even if you have cried as a teenager in your room under your blanket for some reason that you don't even remember after years or even if your boss is not fair enough to you the way he should be. It Doesn't Matter, and actually all this will give you the powers.

The journey of happiness begins by turning inward and allowing the power that we hold within to guide us. It is a life changing moment when we get access to our inner powers. The journey of the spirit toward expression is indeed a love story, because love is what truly awakens happiness. Rather than falling in love with an idol or something attractive, the happiness power falls into a moving flow of love activating and touching everything. When that happens, we become a part of bringing it into being. I decided to write about the process of having a happy spirit after working with many people through speaking engagements, classes, retreats, seminars, and personal encounters. Since I have realized that my own life and process have had a positive impact on the lives of those who have shown interest in "get access to unlimited happiness".

We are formed by our relationship with ourselves, and it is only through opening our hearts to each other that we can share and express the beauty that we are.


Archi Firm

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Archi Firm
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