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Women for Whom the After-Party Is the Real Party Need a Smart Kit

by Reese Whitehead 14 days ago in list

Are you this kind of woman?

Women for Whom the After-Party Is the Real Party Need a Smart Kit
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If you have matured enough to focus less on "pre-party" and more on "after-party", it means that you are operating on a completely different level: a group of good friends, a drink with an honest percentage of alcohol, and a fun-oriented mindset.

Whether you're at a club, a bar, or a wedding party, or any dancing buddy, you need to be prepared for the moment when your feet drop, your makeup stretches, and the last sign of freshness leaves you.

Young people in the club, at the party

We have prepared a list of those aids that you should not miss in the trunk of your car or your backpack when you go to a party where you know that you will take place:

1. A roomy bag to pack "aids"

First of all, you will need a suitable bag to fit the things we will tell you about in the following. Choose a medium-sized bag with a handle and strap that can be easily carried. You can choose a neutral color to match any outfit, but that doesn't mean it can't have color accents and applications that take it out of monotony.

You can leave it in the wardrobe of the bar, party, or wedding to have easy access to it when you need to refresh.

2. A pair of comfortable ballerinas, sanitary napkins, and weft patches

When you're in the middle of a party, after hours of dancing, your legs start to ache and you can't show your enthusiasm the way you want. You probably want to give up your heeled shoes for a more comfortable pair, which will allow you to continue to enjoy the party.

Sure, you can fool yourself with a pair of shoes with a lower heel, but when your feet and toes have already been assaulted, most likely, the solution that does not fail is a pair of comfortable ballet flats to help you feel, again, the legs. If you are worried that they will not match the outfit, find out that there are also very versatile (and affordable) ballerinas, from which you can get a pair for each party outfit.

Don't forget the patches, in case your shoes have made your weft. Apply them on clean skin (for this it is good to have a pack of wet wipes) and dry (and a pack of dry wipes), positioning the anti-pressure pill directly on the weft; yes, they are smart patches, special for wounds, which you can only find at pharmacies. It is good to know that the patch does not come off, it must be left until it comes off on its own (2–3 days).

3. A package with cleansing wipes

If your makeup didn't stand up to your dance, it's time to dump her. That's why it's important to have cleansing wipes with you, which will gently remove your makeup. If you don't get along with cleansing wipes, you can replace them with a small travel bottle of micellar water.

After removing the make-up, you can reapply the make-up you have in the party kit, to look as fresh as possible.

Maybe you have invested in durable makeup, applied right to the salon, which you do not want to remove altogether. In this situation, ear sticks with a little micellar water will help you retouch parts of the makeup that have not been maintained, especially in the eye area.

4. A mini kit with the necessary ones to correct the make-up

Many of us have had problems with makeup that spoils due to the humidity and the hot atmosphere of a party. 

A recommended recommendation by Makenzi Lane, a make-up artist, is to use absorbent wipes to get rid of perspiration and the oil that your face naturally produces.

We recommend that you include in the make-up kit a moisturizer from which you can apply a small amount on the dry parts of the face, a concealer cream for the area around the eyes, which hides the darker parts under the eyes and the face looks brighter.

When it comes to eye makeup, you probably only need to retouch the liner and you can use ear sticks with a little make-up remover on them. After reapplying a waterproof liner for resistance, add a thin layer of mascara to accentuate your look.

For lips, choose your favorite lipstick that will give you confidence when you party. Moreover, if you do not want to carry a large kit, lipstick can also be used as a blush. Take a small amount of lipstick on your fingers and spread it on your cheeks for a fresh look.

5. A deodorant for a quick refresh

We all know how uncomfortable it is when, after a lot of movement at a party, in the heat, we start to sweat and smell bad. For our convenience, it is important to be able to fix this problem quickly and easily.

Do you know the wet wipes from point 2? You will need them to get rid of the sweat buildup before you use the deodorant.

6. A extra pair of tights

If you're at a party in a cold season, you're probably wearing tights. The stockings are very sensitive and can break easily, in a more extravagant dance move.

If you do not want to have an extra pair, you can put nail polish in the bag to stop any holes from forming in the tights. Just apply varnish around the hole and it will not expand.

7. External battery

During the party, there are many moments that you may want to capture, from the first shot with friends, the bride and groom's dance, if we are talking about a wedding or, a selfie with the girls in the middle of the fun.

You can save the situation if you have an external battery. This way, you will always have your phone charged for any situation, especially to capture the important moment that you will remember with pleasure in the future, looking at the pictures.


Reese Whitehead

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