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Women: 3 Important Roles You Need To Play For A Blissful Marriage

Tips from someone who has lived as a man and a woman

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago 4 min read

“I’ve lived as a man for 18 years and now as a woman for 25 years thus far, so I know what both man and woman want from a marriage”. She said.

She is a 53 years old beautiful trans woman who plays many successful roles — a professional dancer, a dance entrepreneur, a famous talk-show host, happily married for 25 years to the same man, and a doting mom to 3 teenage children.

You need to be his lover, the wife, and the mom to your husband

1. His lover

This one needs the least explanation. Love is the very core foundation of emotional intimacy between couples. The marriage that is formed based on this foundation tends to be more resilient and long-lasting.

The passion, emotional connection, and intimacy can reinforce the bond between the couple. Otherwise, the marriage is at risk with the ever-so-tempting infidelity in our very open world today.

This is especially apparent after the newborn in the family, which leaves the crack open to the unwanted cheating for the pleasure and the thrill of another woman, if not handled with care.

A satisfying sex life is important in maintaining the bond that deepens the emotional connection. Without the emotional connection, it’s very easy for one party to stray in seek for the quest of desire, especially the men.

Knowing how to be gentle to your husband is a very useful tactic in getting what you want or when there’s a dispute. Behaving like an innocent and lovely little girl at the right time works to your advantage!

Gentleness always melts their hearts and in the end — you win!

Rather than plays hard and be tough argue with him, it’s not only damaging your relationship but also not getting what you want. This is an irresistible secret weapon of women. The men will likely give in if they truly love you.

2. His wife

The ability to give your husband a clean and comfortable home is essential to keep him love coming back home. Make him feel the warmth of home where he can relax and throw his work-related frustrations out of the window. It cleanses his tiredness and makes him able to restart and face the challenges again the next day.

Home is where the heart is

The saying “The way to a man’s love is through his stomach” has never been so true! A hearty meal will make him feel so good and ever so grateful for having you and being home with you!

For those girls that do not know how to cook, go and pick up the skill!

3. His mom

This may sound awkward to many women!

Many women do not want to marry a ‘mommy boy’.

“I’m not his mom! Take back her little ungrown son!”, “Come back to me only after you’ve grown up to be a man!”, etc.

All these are familiar comments when come to growing your man to be an ideal husband etc. Haha…

However, many men are not taught by their parents properly how to be a man, nor is it being taught in our education system. We all learn it by trial and error. As you need to learn by getting into the game of a relationship.

A study reveals many of them looking for a woman who resembles the qualities of their mom as a wife. A study reveals:

i) ‘Two-thirds of men choose partners like their MOTHERS’

ii) ‘It has long been known that we have a general preference for things we are familiar with.’

iii) ‘With mums as our primary caregivers in life, it’s no surprise men are attracted to women who possess similar values.

You see, they miss the time when their moms comforted them when they were faced with frustration as a kid. At times they hope that their wives can offer words of comfort, or treat them the same way as their mom when their ‘little boy’ comes out to play.

The don’ts

1. Never be the woman who only wants to be pampered by your husband. He may grow tired after doing it for some time without you reciprocating. He’ll look for another woman who knows how to reciprocate to pamper. Marriage is a two-way street.

2. Never embarrass him in the public, especially in front of his friends and family. All men hope to be respected and this is especially apparent in certain cultures, which could lead to the breaking up of the marriage. Respect is a very basic need for every human being, more so for men. Please don’t tear off his pride unnecessarily in public even if he is in the wrong. You can talk about it back home behind a closed door, he’ll likely listen, thank you for it, and love you even more!

Parting words

From my personal experience and observations all these stands to be true! I wish that I’d known these much earlier! Do you agree?

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