What Is Unexplained Infertility? Can It Be Treated?

As per the fertility specialist in India, the inability to have a baby even after trying at least for one year can be defined as infertility

What Is Unexplained Infertility? Can It Be Treated?

As per the fertility specialist in India, the inability to have a baby even after trying at least for one year can be defined as infertility. A woman near her forties who is unable to have a baby even after trying for six months are also infertile. Today, infertility is a common issue that is faced by many people. Especially, people who are in their mid-thirties, or near their forties are more likely to be infertile. Around 10% of all couples are affected by infertility. Infertility can be gender-based, but the issue is faced by both the genders, almost equally.

The first thing that the couple should do to know why they are taking longer than usual to conceive is getting a full diagnosis from the doctor. The diagnosing process includes researching the medical history of the family, physical examinations, hormones test, etc. But still, if the cause remains undiscovered, it is recognized as unexplained infertility.

As per experts, about 1/3rd infertility cases are because of man and 1/3rd are because of woman. The remaining cases of infertility are either unexplained or are because of both partners. Unexplained infertility cases are a bit less but equally serious. With the advancement of medical science, these days, infertility treatment in India is growing and becoming more effective.

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When no apparent reason is identified behind the inability of a couple to conceive and have a baby, it can be termed as unexplained fertility. Unexplained fertility is just like it sounds. Unexplained infertility in India is rising at a quite alarming rate.

Among various causes of infertility, the few most common reasons are irregular sperm production or movement in man and blocked fallopian tubes of a woman. But there is no explanation of causes of infertility in about 15-20% couples. Here is the list of treatments for unexplained fertility by some of the best fertility doctors in India.

Unexplained infertility treatment options

To receive a diagnosis for unexplained infertility is very disheartening. If the cause is known to a specialist, they can remedy the exact root cause of the issue. But with no clear cause identified, treatments seem hopeless. The advancement of infertility treatments in India has found many infertility treatment options and assistive reproductive technologies to fulfill the couple’s dream. These infertility treatments also include a remedy for unexplained infertility.

Treatment options include:

1.Ovulation tracking and lifestyle changes

Making simple lifestyle changes is a decent start to enhance the chances of becoming pregnant. Smoking, obesity, excessive alcohol, recreational drugs might decrease the ability of the woman to conceive.

Tracking of ovulation and a combination of a healthy diet & cutting back on unhealthy habits will help to lose weight and improve your chances of getting pregnant. Tracking of ovulation helps to make sure that women can time intercourse just before they ovulate, as fertility is at its peak.

2.Ovulation-inducing medication

If changes in lifestyle do not result in desired results, and one wants to go beyond just lifestyle changes to improve fertility, taking these medications might help a lot. Ovulation-stimulating drugs help in releasing more eggs during the cycle. Releasing more eggs can increase the chances of conceiving. On the downside, the chance of conceiving multiple babies increases too.

3.Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

One of the options for an infertile couple is IUI. IUI, on its own or the combination of IUI with ovulation-inducing medications, can help in improving fertility. Under IUI treatment, efforts are made to increase the number of sperm that reach fallopian tubes and eventually fertilize eggs. For this man’s sperm are moved to a woman’s uterus.

4.In vitro fertilization (IVF)

One of the costlier, invasive, and time-consuming propositions is IVF. IVF is the most effective treatment of infertility. Under IVF treatment, man’s sperms and woman’s eggs are combined in a laboratory dish. After that, eggs are fertilized in the lab. Once eggs are fertilized, the embryo is moved back in a woman’s uterus.

At Femicure, the health facilitating platform in India, a team of infertility specialists will perform a complete diagnostic exam. It will help to find the best way to conceive.

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