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What do your clothes say about you?

Your clothes tell a lot of your personal secret

By Enas El Nemr Published 10 months ago 3 min read
What do your clothes say about you?

Your clothes tell a lot about you without having to speak. The clothes you wear reveal your desires, interest, personality, and your background. Therefore, you always have to choose well how you show up in this world. Each one of us has his own style because the way we live our lives defines our clothing style as well as our life vision determines the color of our clothes. If you have a good vision of your life and a wonderful picture of your future, the colorful and shiny clothes are waiting for you.

Let’s discover what do your clothes in their different styles, sizes, and colors say about you. Each color you wear tells something about you, a person in white clothes may look calm on the outside but has hidden energy on the inside while Red clothes aim attention-seeking. In general cheerful and brightest clothes reflect that you have fun and energy while darker clothes show that you are a classy grown-up person.

Wearable clothes which are comfortable and easy to wear make you appear ready for anything needs hard working. your fast-to-wear clothes that are wrapped around your body and tied rather than fastened with buttons as well as clothes that don’t need to be ironed after they have been washed reveal that you are a person who doesn’t like to waste his time.

Flame-retardant clothes that have been treated with chemicals to save them from burning easily means its wearer is cautious enough and searches for his safety and the safety of his family.

Sporty clothes show that you like sportive life. What you wear have power over your thoughts, mood and confidence.

If you are a person who likes to wear new and unique clothes whenever people see you that’s mean you are addicted to shopping. In contrary if you have an outfit that you wear many times so you don’t have time for shopping or you simply prefer to save your money.

Muslim head scarf shows Muslim women and girls like they are wearing a crown on their heads as well as their conservative clothes that are large and cover their whole body according to orders of Allah almighty make them feel confident and comfortable. It is not true that dresses should be tight or don’t cover very much of your body to show you are a woman but conservative outfit shows you are a wonderful and amazing angel.

People who invest in expensive clothes to look luxurious and search all times for designer clothes that are made by a famous designer, their luxury clothes reveal that they don’t care about saving their money at banks while they care more to see their money in their closets to feel pleasant and show their friends, their neighbors, their colleagues at work that they are doing well.

Reversible clothes which are able to be used or worn on both sides reveal that its wearer practices a frugal lifestyle. He feels comfortable without a lot of clothes in his closet while he saves his money.

Clothes we wear play a significant part in the first impression, you can notice the stingy person who has enough money to renew his clothes but he prefers to wear his clothes a lot of times till they have holes in it.

A girl who dresses like a boy, this would reflect that she acts in a boyish way while a boy who dresses like a girl, he behaves like a girl.

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