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We are Hoes in This House

by Summer 6 months ago in pop culture

WAP, for me, is recognizing and basking in the power of your sexuality. WAP is a joyful celebration of female pleasure, and I live by the lyrics of the song.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion released a song almost a month ago called WAP; Wet Ass Pussy and the world of men went into chaos.

It took me some time to write this piece because I was infuriated by all the misogynist reactions that flooded the internet upon the song’s release. I had to wait for the vitriol to die down before praising the feminist anthem.

‘WAP’ for me is a proclamation of female sexual pleasure, and I believe in that. STRONGLY! But what bothers me is that in 2020 womxn can’t talk about sex, womxn can’t talk about how they like sex???

There’s some whores in this house.

This is how the song begins, and it truly activates the hoe in me. Regardless of what I am doing once, I hear those 6 words I go off!

The demonizing of womxn for having sexual desires is oppressive. My question has and always will be “why should we suppress our sexualities?” Why can’t we talk about sex!”.

The craziness of it is almost laughable... In 2020, womxn can’t talk about sexual pleasure?

As a CARDI-ologist, I respect Cardi B because she embodies everything, I believe in. She is vocal about her sexuality, supports sex work, is very well informed and uses her platform to speak about political issues. Cardi has an infectious energy, she is innately funny and simply cannot be put into a box; the very thing society loves to do to womxn.

I am proud of the woman I have grown to be. I am a sex-positive Black woman who vehemently rejects any notions and/or actions that suppresses womxn’s opinions and desires. I have reclaimed the word ‘hoe’, built initially to shame womxn for their healthy sexual desires. I fully embrace being called a hoe because I cannot be shamed when I harbor no shame with regards to my sexuality.

Sex is something I take very seriously. Sex is beautiful, sex is enjoyable, sex is made to be had, and most of all, life is short.

Right from my teens, there had been pressure to have sex. It was everywhere, but I resisted; not because of lack of interest, but because it wasn’t the right time, and it was simply unfathomable to me that teenage boys could bring me to orgasm the way I could.

I survived not having penetrative sex until my early twenties, how did I make it that far? Self-pleasure. I am a firm believer in self-pleasure, masturbation, rubbing one out, flicking the bean whichever of the several delicious colloquialisms for the act. My logic still remains this, how is someone else going to please you if you don’t know how to please yourself?

I want you to park that big Mack truck, Right in this little garage.

WAP, for me, is recognizing and basking in the power of your sexuality. WAP is a joyful celebration of female pleasure, and I live by the lyrics of the song.

I love sexually expressive womxn, and I pride myself on being one. I love the audacity we have to assert ourselves in ways that the world; for no reason regards as radical.

Tie me up like I’m surprised, let’s role play, I wear a disguise”.

Female pleasure has been a taboo issue for so long, and there is absolutely no reason why it should be. Womxn talking about their sexual pleasure should not be a controversial issue, it’s nothing to even contest. Womxn not being able to discuss sexual pleasure decreases the chances that their sexual needs are met, womxn shouldn’t have to live that way. We are already fighting too many battles and struggling to jump over hoops the society has implemented just to make our lives more difficult, the least we can do is get consensual intergalactic orgasms.

We womxn need to speak up, it’s the only way to have memorable sexual experiences.

“We are hoes in this house” is my declaration, it’s a fact, it’s my truth.

One thing about me, I’ve definitely got that WAP, either naturally lubricated or with water-based lube.

My notions about sex are in total opposition to the patriarchal idea of suppressed sexuality. And I surround myself with friends who share the same ideology because we are hoes in this house!

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