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Utilizing Social Media to Empower Women

By: Mikaela Opinaldo

By Opinaldo KaelaPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Fighting for women's empowerment has been going on for decades, and with the use of social media, women's battle to fight for women's rights and empower the image of women is made stronger. Social media has become the voice of the silents, to reach out to every mute woman to remind them that they are not alone in fighting their battles and to fight for gender biases at work, so through advocate influencers who use their social media accounts to inform people about gender equality and every post about the principles of women's rights has a big impact on society. This is the reason why lots of people are encouraged to get involved in activism for women's rights and attend rallies to battle discrimination; many people nowadays are encouraged through what the social media informs us; one great example is the impact of the Twitter platform and Facebook platform.

Seeing women supporting women's organisations page on social media empowers the feelings of every woman who experiences being degraded, left over, and abused through seeing testimonials of different stories and struggles of every woman in the timeline post, and it helps to spread awareness to every female all over the world to educate every woman to learn to stand on their own and know their rights and their limitations and boundaries.

In addition to using social media as a platform to share every story of abused women's on how they fight to survive the abuse they experience, it also inspires people to boost the sympathy of the netizens encourage them to share the post of the owner and encourage them to become activists, to learn to fight for the rights of every woman and to be the voice of every victim of abuse.

Women who relate to the post about a woman who testified about the abuse she experienced will be encouraged to boost their confidence to voice out their experiences of harassment by posting their own stories on their social media accounts, learn to fight for their own rights, and learn that no man will step on them and underestimate the power they have because they have knowledge and are educated by social media.

The image of women in society is strengthened through the usage of digital technologies. Break the pattern of societal perceptions of women as being weak, servants, assistants, incapable of standing on their own two feet, reliant on males, and incapable of taking on leadership roles.

But due to social media platforms, both the younger and older generations are being educated and are no longer being rendered blind. We are more accepting of the idea that women can lead due to these different platforms of social media to promote women empowerment.

Women are incapable. Women can pursue careers in law, architecture, business management, medicine, engineering, and any other field they want. because of how women are portrayed on social media and how actors are used to promote their ideas.  As a result of the use of social media as a platform for women's empowerment by sharing their accomplishments and their journey on how they reached their goals, which is usually used to inspire their fellow women to crave for success and empower themselves. Many women now are inspired to work hard to be the person they want to be. Many women now are working so hard to be independent and build themselves on their own so that they have their own title and crown. This generation is stepping little by little to break the cycle that women are dependent only on men, and little by little, the number of women leading society in different sectors is increasing.









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