The Reflection of Connection

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What does your dating resume reveal about you?

The Reflection of Connection
The Men In My Life

I would like to think that I am unique, but maybe you have similar experiences. At my age it is easy to say that I have an extensive dating resume. Think back to all of the guys you dated, had sex with, kissed, touched, dreamt about. What would your dating resume reveal about you?

In a space of no judgement, how long would your resume be? Would you share your dating resume with others proudly or would you hide it away?

Thinking back to the men you kissed, touched, hurt, married, cheated on, divorced, abandoned, remarried or did these men shape who you are, what you did, what you are today? How did those connections shape your life?

Honestly the length of your resume is insignificant to me. So you married your high school sweet heart right out of high school and have been faithful with no other romantic interactions, fantastic. Is he a good man? Is he good to you? Did he help you move in the direction you wanted to go in life, did he have any impact at all, or did he retard your progress? Are you still connected?

A longer resume of college hookups and Tinder flings does not make those experiences any less meaningful or meaningless. It is simply a reflection of circumstances and choices made. The same questions apply, how did those experiences, connections shape your life? Are there patterns that you see in the type of men you connect with? Did they help you grow? Did you help them grow?

Reflections unearths mistakes made. Mistakes have been made by all of us. Being able to learn from those mistakes is the ideal. Your resume would show if you did learn from your past given the direction of your present connections and choices. It would allow self reflection on the quality of your interactions with the men in your life, past and present.

The men in my life have been diverse. Some made huge impacts and contributions to the person I am today, others I can barely remember. But reviewing the men you connected with allows you to take pause as to how absolutely wonderful it is to be the sexy beast that is you.

On that note, maybe the resume is actually a conquest tally for some. Whatever floats your boat, the magic is in the work, the reflection of connection.

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