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Reasons You Should Marry a Feminist

by Morgan E. Westling 4 years ago in feminism

Looking for a life partner who values and respects you? Here are the top ten reasons why you should marry a feminist.

Whether you are male or female, there are many reasons why you should marry a feminist. The key to a happy marriage includes common values, an equal partnership, mutual respect, and a solid friendship. In a traditional patriarchal marriage, it's impossible for a marriage to be equal, because underneath the surface, the men in those marriages do not value women the same way. Gender roles have become so solidified that the bank accounts are still run by men, and women are expected to be the ones working hard in the home. But if you want to be happily married in the long term, marry a feminist. Here are the top reasons why you should marry a feminist and the benefits that will come from it.

The first reason why you should marry a feminist is that the duties in your marriage will be divided. Instead of the common idea that the woman must do all the household work and the man must make all the money, feminist men respect women and vice versa. In a feminist marriage, traditional gender roles are dying out. Both of you will work together in an equal partnership to conquer all the duties that come with making a happy marriage work. When you marry someone who supports women’s rights, the woman in the relationship becomes an equal, and the patriarchal idea of marriage ceases to exist. It’s a beautiful thing to see two people working hard together.

If you ever decide to have children, you will both agree to raise your children with open hearts. Your children will know what equality truly means. They will know how to respect women, and they will grow up to be feminists too. It will be so rewarding to watch your children grow up with the knowledge that your generation may not have had—knowing what women’s rights is all about, working hard to defend and value women, and one day being happily married in equal partnerships themselves.

Sex is a great reason because feminists understand that pleasure is something both partners deserve. They will make sure that you are equally as satisfied as they are. They will put in the effort because they understand communication in the bedroom is important. They understand what it takes to keep a happy marriage, and they will spend their time working hard in and out of the bedroom to make it so. Many people are selfish when it comes to sex, but when you marry a feminist, selfishness will never be an issue.

Communication becomes easier in a feminist marriage. Communication is probably one of the biggest reasons that so many marriages fail today, hence why communication is key in a relationship. It’s hard for us to understand one another and stay on the same page. When you marry a feminist, you will both share common values and have a mutual understanding about equality. Feminists are more compassionate and empathetic individuals. They listen closely, and will be more willing to communicate effectively about issues in your marriage.

The same way communication will come easier, respect will always be a priority in your relationship. Feminists value and respect women and men equally, and they will understand that respect is the most important part of making a happy marriage last. Whenever you fight or go through hardships, there will never be a question of if respect should come first. All issues can be resolved when you know that your partner respects you at the end of the day.

Another essential reason why you should marry a feminist is that they will appreciate you for more than just your body. Because feminists understand women’s rights and respect equality of all human beings, marrying a feminist means appreciating your partner for every facet of their being that includes their mind, their body, their soul, and every quirk in between. Everyone wants to be appreciated for every part of themselves. We want to be valued for who we genuinely are. Marrying a feminist will allow you the freedom to be exactly who you are.

As a woman, marrying a feminist will help you constantly feel empowered by your partner. There is nothing better than feeling supported and uplifted by the person you choose to spend your life with. Being happily married involves being with someone who makes you the best version of yourself. Marrying a feminist will mean that every day, you are empowered and pushed forward into being a better woman for you and for the women’s rights cause as a whole.

Your bank account will get a much needed break when you marry a feminist, because your partner will understand that finances are an equal burden to bear. Both you and your partner will work hard inside and outside the house to make your marriage work—financially, emotionally, physically—everyday. There is not a single issue that one of you will face alone, and money will be something you handle together.

By marrying a feminist, you’re deciding that your life doesn’t have to be lived traditionally. Gender roles can be switched, duties can be reversed, however you and your partner decide to live is completely up to you. This is because you and your spouse have a mutual understanding that decisions are equally made by the two of you. Respect is shared, equality is always present, and happiness is real. Feminism means freedom.

One of the last and most important reasons you should marry a feminist is simply because feminists love more. Feminists love more, because they understand that men and women both deserve the same amount of love and opportunity in this world. Anyone who can grasp that concept is bound to make an amazing life partner, don’t you think?


Morgan E. Westling

Avid Reader, Freelance Writer/Editor, and Lifestyle Blogger

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