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Purpled Eyed Girl

by Bianca Lafrennie 6 months ago in beauty

"She's all about mystery, adventure, and risk. And her heart was wild and full of magic."

Purpled Eyed Girl
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

H is shadow illuminated on the wall behind him. The light of the candles dancing along the stone walls. He slowly stepped along the dirt path that laid in front of him. As he reached the end of the path he came upon a small wooden door that had a small black knob on it. When he tried turning the knob the door wouldn’t budge. He tried jiggling the knob to see if it would come loose but there was still nothing. The ever so curious man quietly pressed his right ear against the wooden door to see if he could hear anything.

After a few moments of listening he could hear some small footsteps approaching the door. Wondering who it could be, he quickly threw himself as close to the wall as he could possibly get. He heard the sound of the small black doorknob being unlocked and then watched as the small wooden door slowly started to open. His eyes opened wide with shock when he saw who was standing there. He quietly stayed against the wall in hopes the person wouldn't see him. He stood there gawking at the person.

It had to be the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She looked to be a few inches shorter than him. She had what looked to be long silky soft black hair. Her eyes were oh so beautiful. They were almond shaped and were a very vibrant shade of purple. Her nose just the perfect size for her oval shaped face. Her lips a beautiful shade of pink and looked to be very soft. She had on a blue tea-length dress that tied perfectly around her slim neck. The color bringing out the beautiful complexion of her fair skin. A small purple gemmed choker resting at the bottom of her neck, that made the color of her eyes pop. Her hands looked to have the softest touch. At last, there was a silver sparkling diamond tiara on top of her head. She didn't seem to be too scared. Instead, she seemed to be pretty calm for someone checking out what is going on outside her door.

He watched as she looked around to see if she could see someone or something before turning around closing and locking the small wooden door once again. He waited a few minutes before releasing his breath he was holding and backing away from the wall. He wasn't completely sure what had just happened but he is glad it did. He had to find out who this beautiful mysterious woman is and capture her heart to be his someday. She was wearing a tiara. Does that mean that she could be a princess or something?

He left the hallway and ventured further into the Castle. He wasn't sure where he was going but he wanted to learn more about this mysterious woman. Who she was. What she was like. Who her family is. Why her eyes are ordinarily purple. He has never seen anyone quite like her. He hasn't even heard of someone like her.

His mind was so flooded with thoughts of her he hadn't seen the royal guard walking up the hallway towards him. He just keeps walking down the hallway as if nothing is going on. The royal guard catches up to him and grabs him by the shoulders.

"Sir, I think you need to come with me."

He snapped out of his daze and starts freaking out on the royal guards. He can see their metal armor, a red symbol had been painted on it.

"Where are you taking me?" he yelled.

"Be quiet!" a royal guard snapped.

they rounded a corner and entered a large room. In front of him was a throne and on this throne sat the purple eyed girl with the diamond tiara.

"You." he whispered.

Then everything went black.

Bianca Lafrennie
Bianca Lafrennie
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Bianca Lafrennie
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