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New Semester, New Wardrobe!

Best Time for Retail Therapy

By Vesselina RaltchevaPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

As a new semester approaches you find yourself looking at your closet and wondering what's appropriate from your summer clothes, yet what's presentable for the classy lady you are. The first week is when you should try and set a great tone for the semester. This is a great way to build your confidence on the start of your semester.

I believe if you have a good five outfits you can pair together and make a complete classy and chic look, you can have your professors and friends respect you based off of how you've presented yourself.

Find cute and affordable clothes!

Here is how I began preparing for a great semester!

I began my search for my back to school clothing and I thought of a site that offers everything:!

Shein is a site that offers affordable clothes and one of the perks they offer is if you haven't registered an email, you can sign up and get a discount code immediately in your email!

  • Shein lets you track your package and lets you earn points once you've bought from the site.
  • Once you have received your package, the company lets you review your purchase so you can earn more points and later use them to buy more from them!
  • The clothes can be really well-made or might be a little over marketed in the picture, and by that I mean it can really be a hit or miss, but they do offer a size chart and they let you review how it fits when it arrives (for extra points).

This is the site I decided to buy from this time! Check out what I got from Shein and what I put together on my own for this semester. Happy shopping! also has similar selections to Shein and is very close to their price point. I recommend checking their site also. I haven't ordered from there yet! Comment below on what you think about

Cheap School Supplies!

  • I hate it when I go to look for a pencil and they're scattered all over the bottom of my bag and I can't pull one out. This is how I solved this problem last semester, I bought a pencil box from the Dollar Tree! A cute pink with polka dots box that fits all my thick highlighters, pencils, and pens and it is the best $1 I spent that semester. At the Dollar Tree, $.99 store, or Walmart they also have very cheap supplies such as notebooks and folders.
  • If you're in your 20s you need to invest in a planner right away! I tend to forget small deadlines, details from my teachers and workplace events so this saves me when I have somewhere to look back too for reference. Find a cute one and enjoy your coffee while you put in all your needed deadlines and class times.
  • Invest in a nice bottle that you can bring coffee, tea, and water in to class. This habit will save you money in the long run and you can also avoid the lines at school when running to class.
  • I bought a oversized purse for every semester, but this time I decided to choose something more chic... More sophisticated and super fashionable! I went to Ross and found a Steve Madden backpack that was $90 and I got it for $30! Unbelievable! This was honestly the only thing on this blog that I splurged for. Even the three things I bought from were under $30 all together.

Fresh Faced for Class

I was now ready to consider the fastest tools for hair, skin and my makeup routine. When running to class you don't want to be focused on the details, you just want to look presentable and leave the house quickly.

Here are some of my newest beauty products I acquired to help me put on my fresh face:

  • Fresh Effects by Olay: A sheer mattifier which is very light on the skin, it masks redness and covers pores. Could be used as a pore minimizer before makeup.
  • Honey Suckle Jasmine: A body, hair, and nail oil. It is not heavy and smells very aromatic on the skin. It is not a thick oil, but a little definitely goes a long way. Also works to help put you to sleep!
  • Ulta Beauty Color Correcting Face Primer: This product is pretty cool, I received it in their Ulta beauty brand box along with a bunch of other primers. When used as a primer this product comes out green for the effect of making your red spots easy to cover with a concealer.
  • Herbal Essence Hair Oil Elixer: This is a hair oil that is best used on damp hair, the smell is similar to the oil above, but this one is specifically for the hair and loosens tight knots so you can brush through it.
  • Crown Cosmetics: Crown cosmetics came in my last Ipsy August bag, it is a contouring brush that I've tried a couple times, but I still haven't found my opinion for it. Although, it is very soft!

Makeup Routine

  • Tartlette Tease Palette: This palette has dark tones, but doesn't apply dark on the eyes. If used to apply with mist on the eye brushes it will come out darker and truer to the way it looks in the palette!
  • Tarte Paaarty Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush: Is a deep natural pink shade for the cheeks that sits very natural on the foundation! Looks great under a highlighter!
  • Mon Sieur Big: This is my last product, but my FAVORITE! It is a thick wand with short and long fibers that extend the lashes to their full potential. A must try, it will create your glam for a natural day with beautiful lashes.

I hope you enjoyed some of the things I got for back to school. I'm excited for a new semester at my new school and wish everyone a great school year ahead!




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Currently a student of Business Marketing, and enjoy writing about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty!



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