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Myth: All Fat People Are Unhealthy

The Story of a “Perfectly Healthy” Fat Chick

By Kenzie Lane StapletonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Kenzie L Stapleton

Age: 22

Height: 5’5

Weight as of 8/30/2018: 285Ibs

Body Image: Hates her body.

Doctor says: “Go on the Paleo diet and I also want to run a million and one tests on you to see what kind of problems you now have from being overweight."


Hey, Kenzie here. The fat girl who “must have diabetes” or a “thyroid problem” or a “vitamin deficiency.” I took a bunch of tests, finger prick, blood tests, etc. ALL saying the same thing. Nothing. Is. Wrong. With. Me. My body just won’t let me lose weight.

“Well do you excercise?” Yes, dude. I even have two gym memberships and a gym in my apartment complex. I also do homework outs.

“Well you must not eat right then! Change your diet!” I HAVE MANY TIMES! NOTHING HELPS! I have been on so many diets and cleanses I have lost count.

If I am being completely honest, part of me was hoping that something was medically wrong with me because I don’t know why I can’t lose weight. The beautiful skinny girls see me and call me names and make fun of me. I’m too scared to even accept and go on dates because I am so ashamed of my body. After having my son I have accepted MANY dates but I have made up an excuse EVERY SINGLE time saying somethings come up and I can’t make it. But in all reality it is my self imagine and being rejected that I fear. I put on that cute date outfit I picked out, look in the mirror, hate what I see, and text the guy I am supposed to meet and I cancel on him. Has anyone else done this or just me? This being said, all of the guys who have asked me on said dates KNOW what I look like and I have made it very clear that I am in fact fat, not “thiccc” but FAT!

A few weeks ago a 3 year old girl came up to me and we were talking about her coffee and how she can’t tell me where she got it from and then she giggles and says “You’re really fat” giggles again and I said, “Yeah, I know.” Three year olds are the most candid mother truckers you will ever meet. You know how your significant other lies to you when you ask if a certain outfit makes you look fat and they say no? Ask a toddler, they’ll definitely say yes. You can always count on a toddler to be honest with you.

I see so many body shaming posts on all of my social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even my Tinder had fat shaming jerks who write things in their bios like, “if you’re fat, I’m not interested” or my personal favorite, “If you’re fat you shouldn’t be on Tinder, you should be in the gym.” If I am being honest, I don’t only see fat shaming but I have even began to see skinny shaming! But, that’s a topic for a different day. Today we are here to discuss the myth that all fat people are unhealthy.

I weight 285 pounds. You’d think that I have some type of diabetes or some other medical problem with my heart or something. I don’t. I went to a doctor to be sure of it. I am active, I eat healthy, and my portions are as directed. I exercise and work out regularly. I am not fit, but I am healthy. I am your proof. I may not be a study that was done by a bunch of famous doctors funded by some fatphobic billionaire, but I am your proof. I’m tired of people telling me I am unhealthy because I am fat because its medically not true.

So to all my fat people out there and on here, forget what people say. They don’t know your medical problems or lack there of and quite frankly, it’s none of there business anyway. Keep doing you baby.

It is 2018 people, enough with the body shaming.


About the Creator

Kenzie Lane Stapleton

CO - 26 - Mama - BBW - Thoughtfully Reckless

Author (no really, I wrote a book; The Shit People Go Through.)

IG: @kenzlanestapes

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