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Men, Let's Talk

by Lachlan Mitchell 4 years ago in activism

Men, let's have a chat.

In this last couple of days and weeks it’s been hard to avoid the fact of the disgraceful acts shown by Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein. The outrage shown by society and the injustices towards women has enraged and sparked a lot of women to follow the lead of Hollywood actor Alyssa Milano in hash tagging #Metoo to show that women aren’t alone in the fight against sexual harassment in public spaces or anywhere. The amount of comments and responses to the initial post has reached all corners of the globe and raised a lot of concerns and for me, a lot of sadness that the number of women have been left threatened and made to feel humiliated by men in a sexual way.

I myself am a student who is 21 years old and is surrounded by the love of a mother and many female friends that are ashamed of my male gender that we are making women feel harassed and vilified and this has to stop. For too long men have gotten away with the actions of sexual harassment in public. The cases of men who have some power feeling that they have the right and authority to vilify women is everyone’s worry. The most powerful man in the western world, the President of the United States, has shared his opinion of women to the world and almost made it okay for women to be spoken to in a way that if that was said about our mothers, we’d be ready to go 12 rounds with them. Men have got to step up and lead the way in the fight against harassment and sexual vilification of women in a global setting. To say that women deserve to be harassed or catcalled in a public setting and it is “her fault” for wearing boots and a skirt is an abomination on society and shows a lack of progress in the western world. For too long nothing has been done but the harassment continues; it’s about time that men take a stand and make sure this stops now and doesn’t continue. Myself as the next generation of adult growing up into society feels almost powerless and weak in a fight that has been going longer than I will ever know. As I said, I’m weak as an individual but I hope we can come together for a greater cause that is much bigger than I am alone, but together we can band together to fight a cause that we all can get behind.

As a young man in society, I feel like the buck stops here with us. Men for too long we have not taken big enough steps in valuing the women in our society, whether they be our mums or sisters or grandmothers. The women we value in our lives should never be scared to walk in the street or share in Friday drinks with work friends, and fear being touched inappropriately or being abused for being women who we love and adore. For someone’s mother to be under attack does not sit well with me and for anyone reading this should make you sick in the stomach that this happens day in, day out. Men, lets lead the way and end the way we perceive women, it needs to stop. So, let’s respect women’s wishes to be left alone and not further pursue if we are told something that might hurt our ego. The mental repercussions for women after even a slight untoward action can result in a lifetime of pain and a fear of walking on the street or catching a daily commute train with the fear of being harassed or touched, so men let's band together and let's fight this cause together cause we are stronger and we have learned so much from women more than our egos will ever let us understand. So let’s start by showing the respect that women should and rightly deserve.


Lachlan Mitchell

Journalism student.

i write articles on NFL,NBA and Films

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Lachlan Mitchell
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