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Making Concrete Standing: Scream Your Voice in Activism

by Robyn Henson 4 months ago in activism

Breaking through the darkness. Embracing the light on the other side.

Making Concrete Standing: Scream Your Voice in Activism

Your heart increases the amount of beats with every solid formation you preach upon yourself, as strong as the foundation you've built you happened to tell yourself "no" in the making, in hopes that that'll work out better than your biggest idea.

You're inspired to work and create a better living for humanity, but residing in the pit of your stomach is doubts about not only who you are, but your status amounting around your community and the people who are ever-so-dearest to you, aside your relatives. You're able to make a change and you're confirming so with your heart.

This happened to be me. I was doing way less than I thought I'd been doing for so long that I couldn't take the idea of having so many ideas and benching them for my lack of status within humanity.

Speaking with an old friend of mine today, I happened to realize an uncovered wound that revealed itself today, regarding intimate partnerships, what I'd happened to be avoiding or shielding from... as well as what other women may have faced that I'd so deeply felt the need to emotionalize and want to change.

Why was it that women couldn't feel safe with what they'd decided to wear, where they'd decided to go, and who they decided to go with? Why would a woman have to go through extreme measures in making sure she'd warded off a predator, and feel as though she had to face as many obstacles and overviews as she could to avoid telling a man "no, I'm not interested," by saying something along the lines, or the concept, of the message she's trying to convey to lower the risk of something unwarranted happening to her, also pleasing him and his ego in the process?

Why was it that, even, OTHER women happened to go against the odds, while at the same time being able to relate to another woman's circumstance. Still feeling as though it was justifiable to "agree to disagree?" When will our womanhood become a safe haven for all? Genuinely, during all times, not only happening to be convenient for those to seek sisterhood at their time of need.

There's something so sacred about connecting with women. Having the opportunity to hear their experiences, visualize how soft they are, how gentle they manage to remain even throughout the darkest clouds... they happen to find rays of sunlight and remain true to themselves.

These women may go through hell and still continue to be our providers, teachers, mothers, sisters, wives, doctors, and so forth. Their stories are passed down and somehow, happen to get lost within the bonfire. These stories happen to be underestimated, undervalued, so the intent of their honesty are crushed down to size and worn as a souvenir. Just the public's use to admire for the time being until a new creative piece is brought to the minds of the public to disrupt the thought of these open-armed stories.

My feelings are raw, and there's a reason that goes far beyond my period. My passion is deeper than the feeling of lust and because I wear a meeeean, skin-tight tee that exposes my cleavage, would never... ever... EVER mean that I, or the several other women that actually had to face an interaction like that one I've described, has "asked" for it.

Many people that I've engaged with happen to agree that many of the controlling factors of those that opposed the thought of feminism, finalizes to agree that insecurities play a huge role that leads those to want to control what a woman can and cannot do, initializes the "be seen and not heard" choreograph within many home structures or public introductions and decreasing one's character.

As we figure the reasons that has harmed women for decades, I finally use my voice among platforms to create my own sense of activism. Being a woman of color, I witness the unfairness, but it happens to make me thrive off of my own power and giving or influencing that power to the women who may happen to need what I can offer most.

I feel that I have the power to change the world. Not only for me, but for the women that have happened to be physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally scarred, that yet happens to carry their trauma while healing from them with pride.

Thank you so much for reading!!

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