👋🏾Let’s Talk Women!!

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“Their greatest strength is to some, their greatest weakness.. They are all great moms, They’re All Virtuous Women” - EDB

👋🏾Let’s Talk Women!!
Stacy, McClellan, Bettye

We live in a day when women are struggling. They are fighting, tooth and nail, to prove something, to this world, and to themselves. We are living in a world, where the woman of old are looked down upon, considered as weak, second rate, hiding in the shadows of men.

I agree with both arguments. I will agree many talented women gave up, sacrificed, or worst, never ever found their dreams, because they were working so hard as a motivator, a cheerleader, for everyone, with no body cheering them.

Then we have those, who achieved the unthinkable, moved the unmoveable, and yet neglected everyone around them, thinking only of themselves. These women are those who wish to achieve at any cost, without concern for anyone. They will crucify their own flesh and blood, deny their closes friends, only to get ahead, to see their name in lights, and memorialized for all eternity..

Then you have that special woman, who found away to be a player and a coach, to support, and pursue. You have that woman, who found away to show the world her abilities, while at the same time cradling the dreams of those entrusted to her. She is a warrior, she is a nurturer, an achiever, and a believer, she is in every since of the word, virtuous..

Who can find, a virtuous woman? For her worth is greater then silver or gold! Every Year I sit and think, about good women I have been fortunate to walk this road of life with.

This year my thoughts are centered around moms. It is crazy because, now almost thirty six years in, I have lost count of those who have tried to adopt me. So inconsideration of your time, and with a desire to NOT get a headache, I will just stick to the modern list.

It was 2016. I made a phone call to my dear mom aunt Stacy. I told her about my dreams, my desires as a content creator. She immediately began to coach me. Discussing business, discussing Diplomacy, discussing how to broker deals, and even how to seal them. She taught me the art of communication, how to express myself, how to both survey the room, and understand the situation. She taught the greatest lesson, I have hated to this day. The lesson of process; how to I deal with success, and even more important How do I deal with failure?

The Year 2017. Saw me put my tools to action. I found myself at Cafe Stella, in a meeting with Andria McClellan. She differs from my Aunt Stacy in such a way that the fact Andria is White, and Stacy is black makes for a perfect sheet of poetic music. While my Momma Stacy brokered who I am, and who I needed to be, McClellan, brokered how I could pull it off. Not much I have accomplished in these last three years isn’t in someway connected to Madam McClellan. She not only placed her name on my work, but sealed it with her presence. She was a powerful force who knew how to bring up the rear. She knew how to motivate and push without being territorial. She understood the greatest way to build herself is by boosting others.

So if Momma Stacy in 2016, taught me how to identify myself, and with McClellan in 2017, learning how capitalize, then 2018, taught me how to navigate. You see identity is like determining where you are going, and executing is basically getting up and doing it, but without good navigation skills, you’ll just wonder around until you run out of gas. Which is where Momma Bettye came in. With her I begin to understand how the game was played. Similar to Momma Stacy who taught of the struggle, Momma Bettye could point too it. Through her I learned how to weave in and out of situations, what was and wasn’t worth my time, WHO WAS AND WASN’T WORTH MY TIME.

So as I prepare to leave you, think about this.. All three of these women, are personally and professionally awesomesauce; All with insurmountable success. But regardless of how powerful they are, they all understood one important thing. Their greatest strength, is in what some would see as they’re greatest weakness. They are great moms, none of them birthed Erik DeSean Barrett, but all three of them Birthed EDB...

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