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Kallanai: Old Water system Marve

Kallanai is a wonderful accomplishment of designing, particularly taking into account its age. It is developed utilizing unhewn stone and stretches across the Kaveri Waterway for around 1,080 feet (330 meters). The dam is around 60 feet (18 meters) wide and 20 feet (6 meters) high, permitting it to keep down a huge volume of water

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Kallanai: Old Water system Marve

Kallanai, otherwise called Excellent Anicut or the Kallanai Dam, is a noteworthy dam situated on the Stream Kaveri in Tamil Nadu, India. It is viewed as one of the most established water-guideline structures on the planet and has been a significant milestone in the district for quite a long time.

The development of Kallanai traces all the way back to the second century CE during the rule of the Chola line, explicitly during the rule of Lord Karikalan. The main role of building the dam was to bridle the waters of the Stream Kaveri for water system and farming, guaranteeing a consistent water supply for the prolific delta locale.


The essential capability of Kallanai is to redirect water from the Kaveri Stream into the man-made water system channels, known as "vadis," which appropriate the water to the encompassing farming terrains. This cunning framework empowers ranchers to develop crops over time, changing the delta into one of the most horticulturally useful districts in India.

Kallanai has filled in as a fundamental water system structure as well as assumed a critical part in flood control and water the board. By controlling the progression of the Kaveri Stream, the dam forestalls flooding during the rainstorm season and guarantees a reliable water supply during dry periods.

Throughout the long term, Kallanai has gone through a few remodels and changes to keep up with its usefulness. Regardless of its age, the dam has gone the distance and stays a fundamental piece of the district's framework. It has turned into an image of the designing ability of the old Chola progress.

Today, Kallanai keeps on being a significant milestone and a well known vacation destination. Guests come to respect the engineering wonder, find out about its authentic importance, and witness the noteworthy water the executives framework in real life. The region around the dam offers quiet perspectives on the stream and the encompassing rich green fields.

Kallanai remains as a demonstration of the inventiveness and foreknowledge of the old designers. Its persevering through presence is an indication of the rich social and mechanical legacy of Tamil Nadu and fills in as a motivation for current water the executives frameworks.

Kallanai, otherwise called the "Terrific Anicut," holds an extraordinary spot throughout the entire existence of water system and water the board in India. Its development was a spearheading designing accomplishment that displayed the high level information and abilities of the Chola line.

The Cholas perceived the significance of outfitting the waters of the Waterway Kaveri for rural purposes, as the district relied intensely upon cultivating. The fruitful delta region was known for its rich soil and good environment, making it an optimal area for developing harvests. Nonetheless, the accessibility of water was significant for supporting farming over time.

To address this need, Ruler Karikalan of the Chola line started the development of Kallanai around the second century CE. The essential goal was to make a strong and proficient water system framework that could control the progression of the Stream Kaveri, guaranteeing a consistent inventory of water to the horticultural grounds.

Kallanai is an anicut, which is a sort of dam intended to redirect water as opposed to store it. The dam was worked by setting huge stone blocks without the utilization of mortar, depending entirely on the exact interlocking of the stones to make a steady construction. This procedure, known as "dry workmanship," is a demonstration of the designing abilities of the old Cholas.

The dam traverses the width of the Stream Kaveri, really making a boundary that diverts a piece of the waterway's stream into the man-made channels or vadis. These trenches stretch out for a few miles, spreading out to disperse water to different rural fields, guaranteeing an impartial conveyance among ranchers.

Kallanai plays had an essential impact in changing the locale into a prosperous farming center. The accessibility of water for water system all through the year has worked with the development of different harvests, including rice, sugarcane, and different vegetables. The dam has contributed altogether to the financial development and solidness of the area, supporting the livelihoods of incalculable ranchers.

Notwithstanding its rural importance, Kallanai has likewise been crucial for flood control and water the board. During the storm season, when the Stream Kaveri enlarges with weighty precipitation, the dam manages the water stream, forestalling disastrous floods downstream. It goes about as a cradle, retaining overabundance water and delivering it progressively, in this way defending both the farming grounds and the settlements along the riverbanks.

Kallanai remains as a demonstration of the resourcefulness and vision of the old Cholas. Its persevering through presence and proceeded with usefulness deserve it acknowledgment as one of the most seasoned utilitarian water-guideline structures on the planet. The dam fills in as a wellspring of motivation for present day designers and features the maintainable practices and high level information that old developments had.

Visiting Kallanai offers not just a valuable chance to observe a wonder of old designing yet in addition an opportunity to see the value in the verifiable and social meaning of the locale. The peaceful environmental factors, the musical progression of the Stream Kaveri, and the rich green fields give a serene setting to guests to interface with the past and value the commitments of our progenitors.

By and large, Kallanai remains as a demonstration of human development and the immortal significance of successful water the board in supporting farming and supporting vocations. Its inheritance proceeds to move and help us to remember the unbelievable accomplishments of our precursors.

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