I Tested the KegelSmart by Intimina. Here's Why I Love It.

Review: The KegelSmart by Intimina is the health tool I never knew I needed.

I Tested the KegelSmart by Intimina. Here's Why I Love It.

I remember when I gave birth to my daughter. I was worried about a lot of things, and had a lot of questions on my mind. I worried that she’d be unhealthy, or that I would end up being unable to be the parent I needed to be. Most people already knew that I was concerned about that, and had no problem acting as a confidante for me when I was freaking out.

Thankful as I was, there was another topic I didn’t feel comfortable discussing—and even when I asked doctors, they just brushed it off and told me I’d “be fine.” I’m talking, of course, about my tightness down there. It’s no secret that giving birth can affect how tight a woman is down there, and to a point, it’s also been known to change how sex feels down there.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to please my partner, or that I wouldn’t even be able to please myself. After researching what I should expect after I gave birth, I started to hear about Kegel exercises and the importance of maintaining a strong pelvic floor.

Kegels are exercises that help strengthen your pelvic floor and allow you to maintain vaginal tightness. Having a toned pelvic floor allows you to give birth easier, keeps you tight “down there,” and even can prevent incontinence in old age. Even if you aren’t a new mom, it makes sense to do Kegel exercises.

Unfortunately, figuring out how to do Kegel exercises isn’t always that easy—especially if you aren’t aware of what you should be doing. Intimina’s KegelSmart is supposed to help out, so I decided to give it a try. What happened during my trial was pretty impressive, to say the least…

Here’s what made me splurge on the KegelSmart.

There are a lot of different Kegel exercise devices on the market, many of which take the form of weights you’re supposed to keep up. The problem is that Kegel exercises with these items aren’t intuitive. If you haven’t done Kegels before, you are going to need a little guidance just to make sure you’re getting the results you want to get.

It’s also one of the first tools to develop a specialized pelvic floor routine for the wearer. It does it by adjusting the routine based on the feedback it gets from your flexing. In tech-y terms, it uses “bio-feedback technology” to make your Kegel exercise session as effective as possible.

By foolproofing Kegel exercises and giving you a routine that works with your strength level, Intimina’s KegelSmart makes it possible to get the best results possible. That might be why it’s been clinically proven to work, too.

My first impression was pretty simple.

When I opened up the package, I was really surprised at the KegelSmart: it was small enough to fit into the palm of my hand, made of smooth, waterproof, medical-grade silicone, and honestly, looked pretty cute.

The KegelSmart is so petite, you can easily tuck it in a nightstand drawer without most people noticing. For people who have roommates, that is a pretty awesome perk.

Make sure you read the instructions first—otherwise you’re going to be surprised.

Before I put it in me, I made sure to read the instructions. According to the instructions, the way to use it is as easy as it can be. When you first insert it in, you’ll have the device vibrate three times. Then after, all you need to do is contract your muscles when the device vibrates, then relax when it stops buzzing.

If you aren’t sure what muscles to contract, don’t worry. I was confused too! The best way to describe the muscle contraction you need to do is to pretend to “hold your pee.” The muscles that help you “hold it in” are your pelvic floor muscles, and holding it is how your body contracts them.

After a five-minute exercise routine, the Intimina KegelSmart will vibrate another three times in quick succession. That signals that your exercise routine is done. Simple enough, right?

I put batteries in the device, and gave it a try.

Admittedly, I let out a yelp when it first began to buzz. It was a bit stronger a motor than I expected, but that wasn’t a bad thing per se. It actually was a good feature that helped me ensure that I didn’t miss out on signals that the KegelSmart sent.

You’d think the vibrations would make it hard to work your muscles, but it was quite the opposite. Despite it being stronger than I initially thought it’d be, it was gentle enough for me to not get overwhelmed with the feeling. So, I started doing the exercise while the KegelSmart coached me.

Here’s what happened after my first workout...

The workout itself was simple and easy to follow. However, I’ll also admit that it was a lot more intense than I expected. I immediately felt more toned following the workout, and in a weird way, also felt more energized.

To a point, I almost expected my muscles to be sore down there, but they weren’t. I also didn’t get tired to the point that I couldn’t hold myself together down there. I could still flex, I had no discomfort, nor did I feel any weird looseness that I (possibly irrationally) feared would happen.

The KegelSmart also tracked my strength down there.

One cool feature about the Intimina KegelSmart is that it can actually tell you how strong your pelvic floor muscles are through their LED light system—and it also tracks your muscle strength’s progression as you keep using it.

The LED light system shows you how strong you are down there. The readings, ranging from “Very Weak” to “Very Strong,” are based on a series of five lights. If all five lights light up, you have very strong pelvic floor muscles. If only one lights up, you have very weak ones.

I found out that my muscles ranked in on a four, which meant they were decently strong. Even so, there was room for improvement and that meant that I had every reason to try to get to that perfect score.

Cleaning it was a cinch.

After wrapping up my first exercise session, I used the tool’s loop to pull it out of me. Obviously, now was the time to clean it. I looked at the instructions, expecting to see a call to use expensive detergents on it and found out that rinsing it off with soap and water was just fine.

It only took about two minutes to rinse the KegelSmart with soap in my sink. Since it was 100 percent waterproof, I also didn’t have to worry about having a leak destroy my gear. The rinse left it looking good as new.

I tried it every day for about a week, and already noticed some results.

Within about a week of using the Intimina KegelSmart twice a day, I started to notice a difference when it came to my sex life. I felt smaller down there—to the point that my boyfriend actually mentioned it.

I also had an easier time holding my pee in when I had to wait in line for a bathroom stall. While I didn’t quite get to the five star rating in that week, I still kept going at it. These things take time, you know.

What surprised me, though, was the emotional impact it had on me.

On a more non-physical level, I’ll admit that using the KegelSmart was a pretty big confidence booster. It felt good to actually take charge of my health down there, and to do something that benefits me.

That being said, actually taking time to exercise can be surprisingly good for feeling grounded. This was even true for Kegels. I felt more in touch with myself, and honestly, it was nice to actually focus on myself in this small, quick way.

After about a month, the results were even more noticeable.

I continued to use my Kegel device day after day, and it quickly became a nice little routine that I enjoyed in the morning. Using it for about a month finally gave me the highest score I could get on the device, which means that the results I got were seriously impressive.

I’m not going to lie; I really enjoyed seeing all five lights light up after working to reach that goal. However, that nice little perk paled in comparison to the awesome effects it had on my love life. My orgasms were way more intense. Like any exercise, you need to keep it consistent – and that’s what I recommend doing with the KegelSmart.

The Intimina KegelSmart is one of the best inventions on the market that no one’s talking about. It’s the first Kegel exercise kit that legitimately feels foolproof, works great, and gives you good results in a short amount of time.

After using this, I honestly feel more empowered to talk about health with my friends and feel way more confident in the bedroom. If you’re looking for a way to tone up down there, or just get you more aware of your body, I can fully suggest trying out the Intimina KegelSmart - you can grab it at the CVS stores, which is another great convenient thing. It’ll become the health tool you never knew you needed.

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