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How to Boost Your Communications with Viva Amplify in 2024

Elevate Communications with Viva Amplify.

By Katy RumbelowPublished about a month ago 6 min read
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Microsoft Viva Amplify is that ground breaking tool. This article delves into how Viva Amplify is reshaping the way organisations communicate and why it’s becoming an indispensable asset in enterprise organisations and especially within your business.

Understanding Microsoft Viva Amplify

Microsoft Viva Amplify isn’t just another communication tool, it’s a transformative approach to corporate communications.

It offers a suite of features designed to not only deliver your message but to “amplify” it, ensuring it resonates with every member of your organisation. Easy sharing and notifications that can be pushed, making it a superior way to mass communicate.

The Power of Tailored Messaging

One of the most striking features is its ability to tailor messages for different audiences, teams and channels within your organisation. This means your communications can be as broad or as specific as necessary, ensuring relevance and impact across all levels. Your message can be to a mass or a smaller group of people, the ease of this again can alleviate or abolish mass emailing.

Real-Time Analytics: Deepening Your Understanding of Your Audience

At the core of Microsoft Viva Amplify lies its powerful analytics capability, offering invaluable real-time insights into how your messages resonate with your audience. This isn’t just about seeing who reads your content, it’s about understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the interaction. It shows positive and negative results.

To unpack the audiences engagement: Viva Amplify’s analytics go beyond basic metrics. They provide a nuanced view of engagement, breaking down how different segments of your audience interact with each message. This allows you to see which types of content spark the most interest, which topics garner the most engagement, and crucially, the tone and style that resonate best with your company.

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Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

Viva Amplify excels in its seamless integration with the existing Microsoft 365 ecosystem, a crucial feature in today’s interconnected corporate world. This integration isn’t just about adding another tool to your digital collection, it’s about enhancing the harmony and efficiency of your existing workflow.

So, by weaving itself into the fabric of Microsoft 365, Viva Amplify transforms the way teams can interact with each other and with corporate communications. Whether it’s through Outlook, Teams, Viva Engage or SharePoint , Amplify brings a unified communication experience, ensuring that important messages are not lost in the shuffle of day to day tasks and emails.

One of the key benefits of this integration is the streamlined access to information. Employees can receive, view, and respond to communications directly within the tools they use every day. This ease of access is crucial in ensuring that messages are not just delivered but also given the attention they deserve. Within the campaigns shared amongst colleagues and employees this can be shown via SharePoint, Teams and Outlook.

Encouraging Employee Engagement

Viva Amplify goes beyond just delivering messages. It encourages interaction, fostering a two-way communication street.

Features like feedback options and comment threads enable employees to engage with corporate communications, creating a more inclusive and interactive environment.

Web Page showing Employees Benefits on Viva Amplify.

Microsoft Viva Amplify in Action at Changing Social

Recently, Changing Social underwent an internal rebranding, a task many will recognise as challenging, particularly in ensuring every department is promptly informed and equipped with the necessary templates to adhere to specific guidelines. This is where Viva Amplify proved invaluable.

Utilising Viva Amplify allowed us to disseminate this crucial information throughout the entire company efficiently, as we have previously discussed. We created a concise video tutorial on downloading the new templates and shared these templates via file sharing.

We provided links to training sessions, which our team members were encouraged to attend, and a detailed written explanation of the rationale behind our internal brand refresh.

A significant advantage of employing Viva Amplify was the ability to delve into the analytics. This feature enabled us to track engagement, specifically measuring how many employees interacted with the campaign and the percentage who actively engaged with the content.

Overall, our experience with Viva Amplify during this extensive communication exercise was highly positive. We found it to be an efficient and streamlined method for facilitating mass communication across our team.

We’ve used Company Communicator but what’s the difference with Viva Amplify?

When comparing Microsoft Viva Amplify with Company Communicator, it’s essential to understand that while both are tools designed for internal communications within an organisation, they have distinct functionalities and purposes.

Microsoft Viva Amplify:

Viva Amplify is a comprehensive communication tool designed to enhance and streamline the way organisations engage with their employees.

Content Creation and Distribution: Viva Amplify offers robust tools for creating personalised and impactful communication content.

Analytics and Engagement Metrics: A key strength of Viva Amplify is its analytics capabilities. It provides detailed insights into how communications are received, with metrics on engagement, reach, and effectiveness.

Integration with Microsoft 365: Viva Amplify integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, enhancing the user experience and ensuring that communications are easily accessible within the tools that employees use daily.

Company Communicator:

Company Communicator is an app template for Microsoft Teams. It’s designed primarily for creating and sending messages within Teams.

Targeted Messaging within Teams: Company Communicator is great at facilitating targeted messages to specific groups or the entire organisation within Microsoft Teams.

Customisation and Interaction: This tool allows for a certain degree of customisation in messages and can include interactive components like polls.

Integration and Scope: Being a Teams app, Company Communicator is naturally integrated within the Teams environment. Its scope is primarily within the confines of the Teams platform, making it a more focused tool compared to the broader capabilities of Viva Amplify.

Key Differences

Scope and Integration: Viva Amplify has a broader scope, targeting comprehensive internal communication strategies, while Company Communicator is more focused on messaging within Microsoft Teams.

Functionality: Viva Amplify offers extensive features for creating, personalising, and measuring communications, whereas Company Communicator is more about straightforward message broadcasting within Teams.

Analytics and Feedback: Viva Amplify provides more in-depth analytics and feedback mechanisms, allowing for a more data-driven approach to communication.

User Experience: Viva Amplify integrates with the wider Microsoft 365 suite, offering a more seamless experience across multiple applications, whereas Company Communicator is confined to Teams.

Conclusion: The Future of Corporate Communication with Viva Amplify

Microsoft Viva Amplify represents the future of corporate communication, a tool that not only delivers messages but also shapes the very fabric of organisational interaction.

Its emphasis on personalisation, data-driven strategies, and employee engagement positions it as an invaluable asset in any corporate communication toolkit.

For those looking to fully leverage the potential of Microsoft Viva Amplify, and discover how it can revolutionise your organisation’s communication strategy, contact us via our website

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