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How I Found Spiritual Solace On My Period

by teisha leshea 2 years ago in health
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Is That Even Possible?.... Sure it is

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"It is sad that we have fallen so deeply into the indoctrination against our own sacred natures as women that we regard one of the most magic aspects of our embodiment as unwanted, unclean, and shameful."Teal Swan

I know by the title you are currently saying "girl bye," your impulse makes you want to move on to the next article but, your curiosity won't allow you. Let me provide some back story. In 2016 was my rock bottom of sorts. I left a job that I wasn't ready to let go, got a new job that I didn't like, and diagnosed with depression all within four months. My body alone was under so much distress that I started to skip periods. I was the kind of person who could feel and smell when my time of the month will come. I would use the calendar that was in my phone. I would keep a diary of how I was feeling mentally and physically. I was best friends with my period. In my mind having a cycle every month, let me know that my body is where it's supposed to be. One month it didn't come. My diary let me know that skipping a month in between periods was okay.

I would usually bounce back the following month. As time went on, one month turned into two, and two turned into four. That was my red flag that something was wrong. At the time, I blamed it on my depression and medication that I was taking. So, after a plethora of doctors' appointments, I was diagnosed with Oligomenorrhea which is hormone levels, and amenorrhea meaning one or more missed periods, and one fibroid. It was suggested that I get an IUD. The purpose would be to control the size of the fibroid and slow down the heavy bleeding.

If I could be frank, I hated it. At the time, I felt like the IUD was a band-aid, and it didn't resolve the real issue. The monthly spotting the mild pain in my pelvic area and cramps only gotten worse as time moved on. In 2020, I wanted it removed, and I wanted to start from scratch. I found myself bookmarking tons of information and continuously reading over my doctors' notes. In February, I decided to have it removed. My body was no longer in any stress, and I finally got a handle on my depression. It wasn't until Miss Necole Kane herself decided to put her fellow xotribe members on with a product from Smokey Mountain Nutrition called DIM.

According to, the "DIM supplement contains a component of cruciferous vegetables called diindolylmethane, which has been promoted for its effects on creating a healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone." After sharing her personal story, I went on Amazon immediately to purchase a bottle. On February 17th, I started to add DIM to my supplement list. I must say that that is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. If I could thank Necole face-to-face, I would. The clearing of my skin and weight loss was all beneficial. As March approached, it was a waiting game to see if I would finally get a cycle after so many years. Then it happened.

Day one made me quickly realize that I made a mistake. It felt like I was experiencing this process for the first time. Can we say cramps? The pain was so traumatizing that I found myself reaching for things that weren’t there. After the first hour, I quickly asked myself if this is something I want to try and fight? Or should I swallow my pride and enjoy the ride? I choose to enjoy the ride. The fatigue that I was having during that time, I couldn't find it within myself to fight it. What it inspired me to do is refocus my energy. I find tranquility in writing, so I quickly reached for my laptop and allowed my fingers to tap dance on the keyboard. Between the quick sprints to the bathroom, playing with my lovely niece, and laying down every chance I got, I managed to catch up on my writings. During this time, a lot of women suffer from cravings—something sweet, something salty, or both. I wanted to purge myself from any carvings. I tried to sit still and be present during this difficult time.

There was a point during this process that I wanted to cry. I will not blame it on the "hormones" as many women do. I wanted to cry tears of joy. I've focused on this particular problem for months. I've been gathering and creating an action plan to execute to bring normalcy back into my life. I finally cracked the code, and that is something to celebrate. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was a woman. I believe this is a superpower that all women have. Our bodies go through so many changes within that short period, but we all have the strength to get up and put on a brave face.

I do not own the rights to this photo. From Auro Beats

This process made me want to feel. I rarely took anything for pain. I didn't research home remedies. I didn't even want to bring out the heating pad. I allowed my body to break down. I let the process take over me. I was present, but in a state of meditation the entire time. I discovered that I am stronger than I think I am. I am strong-willed, patient, a fighter, a winner, and a conqueror of all things. I gave my body the gratitude it needed to help me get through.

On the third day, my symptoms subsided, and I gained an enormous amount of energy. I was feeling weaker and weaker every day. The tiredness almost made me collapse. I still had to get up for work, show support, smile when I didn’t feel like smiling, interacting when I didn’t feel like socializing. Pretend as nothing has ever happened and to be consistent with my emotions or at least keep them “in check.” This process has opened my third eye on how women are disregarded and mistreated. I have never lived under a rock. I am very in tuned on the state of the world. Sometimes I question if people are in tune with us? Questions started to play peek-a-boo in my headspace. Why don’t companies provide special days for women on their menstrual? Why should we continuously be taxed on necessities that we need like pads and tampons? Why do we continue giving our menstrual cycles like “Aunt Flow” and the “Red Sea?” We all have been guilty of not giving our menstrual cycles the credit that it deserves. People have become unappreciative of the body and the nature of a woman.

I do not own the rights to this photo

Each month won't be the same as the last, but the gratitude and the love that I have for myself spiritually and physically would remain the same. Shame and embarrassment shouldn't exist. Many cultures around the world use this time to show love and gratitude to the woman. Your time of the month is a process that should be acknowledged. The more we speak about our process, the more we can educate the masses on how vital this process is for a woman. We all have to be willing and ready to erase the negative connotations attached to our menstrual cycles. Laws should be in place to excuse women from work, and can we please stop being taxed and charged for our menstrual cycle necessities? We didn't ask for this, but we as women deal with it so well that we make it look easy.

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