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Here's Why Women Wore White During the SOTU...

Congresswomen donned all white during the State of the Union this past week. Here's why...

By Reigning WomenPublished 5 years ago โ€ข 3 min read

The State of the Union recently went down in Washington, and it came with no surprise.

Among other things, the women of our country came out to make a statement, and that's precisely what they did.

Congresswomen from both the Republican and Democratic parties organized a motion to wear all white during the State of the Union address this year, and when the time came for the room to fill with bodies, the women of the United State of America sat, together, in unison, wearing all white.

The movement began with the Democratic women's Working Group issuing a plan and ended with their invitation to all women of Congress of all parties to participate as well.

The goal? To send a message.

As social media did what it does and turned the happening into a viral-esque event, many inquired that the decision to wear all white was a shot at our current POTUS.

It was then made vibrantly clear by staggering numbers of reposts, shares, comments, and videos by woman-forward publications and social pages that the intentions of the all-white brigade had one intention, solidarity.

While many assumed that the choice to wear all white was some sort of small cue, the reality is that the women who currently lead our nation simply wanted to stand together in saying, "We're not taking any more shit this year."

With 2019 just barely breaking over the horizon, it's arguable that we've got a lot to do from a moral perspective.

In the case of womanhood, this sent a message that all women, namely those of great leadership and authority, are simply not taking any more negativity or crap. Instead, the year of 2019 will be a year that women stand as one and make decisions for the betterment and equality of the female race.

President Trump issued a number of addresses during the day, but one such declaration was heard around the world, very loudly and very clearly.

When discussing the makeup of current professionals in the workforce, it was noted that never before has the United States had more women in the workforce. Surprisingly enough, the POTUS was candid, authentic, and forward with his address to female's benefit to the current economy, stating, "No one has benefited more from out thriving economy than women, who have filled 58 percent of newly created jobs in the last year." (SING IT!!!)

And while there are questions on whether or not the economy is truly "thriving," the crowd applauded in concurrence regardless, recognizing the importance of women in the workforce and its high impact on the state of our economy.

This feat, among many others that women have made in the past year, signaled an uproar among our women in white, sitting proudly together in the Capitol.

Though there's been pushback and doubt on exactly how this action made any sort of impact or signaled any bit of strength, the displays of power made visible by social media depicted otherwise.

In any video, image, or social post since the day, the ongoing river of white can be seen clearly and effortlessly, making anyone not pictured in white seem powerless.

The objective to grab hold of media attention and use it is a strategy of great proportions and impact. With 2019 at its peak of viral politics, the decision to do so in this fashion (no pun intended) could not have been smarter.

In the eyes of many, the white force that was the female presence of authority towered everyone and everything in its path, establishing the female community as a true force to be reckoned with.

To these women and their courage, their power, and conviction, we tip our crowns and thank you.


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